Scots guards Manning ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 1scot1234, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. Quick Question Chaps

    Does anyone know the current manning strength of the the Scots Guards ?

    Cheers Guy's ,
  2. I'm pretty sure that the MOD do, but would it be wise to publish it on a public forum?
  3. yes...........
  4. How hard is it to say "Full" ?
  5. Or full of Fijians looking at the latest photos from Armed forces day............

    ...Nothing against Fijians of course....big bastards!! Much bigger than me!!
  6. A great Regiment and currently in Afghanistan with F Company based in London. If you want to join them you will be welcomed into the Guards family where you will makes friends for life. So get along to the careers office and join now :)

  7. Hi mate , I originally enlisted with the Scots guards when I turned 16 , But I got md'ed .

    I know a wo2 in the Scots guards who is a recruiting officer near me , But isn't from the afco that I started my re-enlistment app with.

    I Am currently waiting on my 203 but put down for a corps this time around but I am thinking of changing to Scots guards again .

    Think I should give the guy I know a call , See what can be done ??

    Cheers Lads,
  8. Wot he said, go in and see the WO2.
  9. Well the guy I know is on Holiday but I will speak to him at the start of next week , See what happens , Need to find out what stage my 203 is at because its 7 months now.
  10. Give him a call or pop into the office
  11. When you see him, remind him he owes me £10.
  12. How so..Or is this just Jargon .?