Scots Guards given the Freedom of Wantage 21st May

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fat_Cav, May 12, 2011.

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  1. ON 21st May 2011 the Scots Guards will exercise the Freedom of Wantage in South Oxfordshire with a parade with Drums beating, bayonets fixed and Colours flying.

    The parade in in response to an invitation from the Town's Council because of our connection to the Scots Guards through Robert Loyd-Lindsay VC, 1st Baron Wantage who was awarded the VC as Capt in the Crimea in 1854.

    It has just been announced today that the parade salute will be taken by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent who is the Regimental Colonel of the Scots Guards.

    After the parade there's a shin-dig in the Memorial Park, which will have a good few bars, and you can hob-nob it with the 1st/2nd/3rd/etc* best Foot Guards regiment ever.
    (* - Delete as your prejudices allow :wink: )


    If anyone is about the Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Wilts area please feel free to come along and enjoy yourselves. You never know I might even buy you a pint *

    *-Terms and conditions apply
  2. Has anyone booked the Islamic protest group?
  3. Fixed for you obviously :excited:

    Heard about this last week and my son will be marching through the town with bayonets fixed
  4. Islamic people in our neck of the woods? God no, it's not allowed Dear boy

    Although, I do believe there's something called a 'curry house' in town. The waiters do have a bit of a dusky look, but I put it down to them holidaying frequently in La Manga like everyone else around here
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  5. Well done him. I'll get one in for him, will he have ginger hair and freckles?

    We're quite a close knit community and are proud of our military links, so I'm hoping he'll definitely not make it back on the bus in any fit state. :)
  6. You can have some of ours we have feckin loads of the buggers. Anyway, have a GREAT day. And mind those bayonets!
  7. Have a great day. I won't be there but I am heading for the Troop to watch him in The Escort that day.

    Post some pictures if you don't mind
  8. Wantage? Just what did the poor feckers do to deserve that?
  9. Hi JB

    is 21st rehearsal? Always though troop was in june?

    pics please.

    have a good day

    say hello to:

    buck house
    jimmy's palace
    welly b


  10. 21st is Regiment gets Freedom of Wantage. When I am down June for The Troop I will give them a :wave: for you
  11. Please make sure that he's in the company of lots of other uniformed souls when attempting that one. The last time anyone attempted such an action in the vicinity of that town, it all ended in tears.

    I hope that it's a great day for them all and that the weather will be onside for the occasion.
  12. Oi! Read and weep baby, read and weep!

  13. King Athelstan. One of the best Kings we've had though not much was written down (or has survived) from the tenth century. He was the victor at the battle of Brunanburgh.

    In fact, come to think of it, I think it was King Alfred (the Great) who was born in Wantage and not Athelstan.
  14. 10/10 (eventually)

    King Alfred's statue, Wantage Market Square

  15. IIRC Wantage was a Royal hunting lodge where Alfreds mum gave birth to him. She was caught out short on the way to somewhere else and stayed in the lodge to pop him out. Another one of our greatest rulers.