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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by colne_chris, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi im interested in joining the army and my younger brother has just completed his training at catterick. I am not really bothered about being a guards man but like the look of some of the other things they do. Can anyone either currently serving or recently served in the scots guard give me an insight into the activities they do on operations or training.

    Thanks in advance chris
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  3. Meet interesting people and kill them.

    I don't think "I am not really bothered about being a guards man" is going to impress them too much.
  4. I dont mean it as that. Maybe i should of worded it better, something like " I dont want to join the Scots Guards because they guard Buckingham Palace and such. " I am more interested in the infantry side of it not the cerimonial. I have been told you only have to do 6 months of this then you dont have to do it again. Is this true?
  5. Scots Guardsmen will generally be posted to London to do ceremonial duties for 6 months once they have completed training at Catterick (but not always - if over 18 years old and if the Battalion is going on operations, you may go straight to the 1st Battalion). They then move out to their 1st Battalion, which is currently in Munster, operating from Warrior armoured vehicles - a fantastic job.

    There is a plan (I think) for the Scots Guards to move to Catterick in the next few years, but their Regimental Recruiters would be able to tell you that.

    Whether you do ceremonial again or not is up to you. You will have the option to go to their Company in London at any stage in your career if you want a break from the Battalion and some time living it up in London. You will also have the option of serving with any of the other Guards Regiments (such as the Grenadiers, Coldstream, Irish and Welsh) if you fancy a change.

    They are a great bunch with a varied life. Go for it!
  6. I am really interested and as i said before my brother has just passed out on dec 1st so i can get first hand info from him. I ask only because i would like to get the opinion of a few others to make my own opinion before definatly putting it as my first choice.

    Just out of interest if anyone could offer a few other good regiments that i may be interested in. I live in Colne which is near burnley. I dont fancy the duke of lancaster regiment though. I have no real reason for this other than i knew a few people who have served in the QLR and not enjoyed it.

    BTW they do move to catterick in mid 2008. My careers officers said this as did my brother both of who are SG
  7. Try the Grenadier Guards. They have a lot of Lancastrians, mostly Mancs, and during the last three years have spent 20 months on Ops. They are a superb Regt! You can also try for the Guards Para Pl in 3 PARA if you fancy a change in the future.
  8. Thanks, i will see what information i can find on them. I dont really like using the army.mod sites as they are not particulally well made and dont give enough info so i will see if i can find peoples own experiences and such. thanks
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