Scots Guard Corporal on SKY NEWS

Did anyone see this?

Sky News did a segment on equipment failures for British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan that they showed live at 2040 today (Friday). The segment also was talking about the Army saying they needed more recruits (and the segment was in that vein).

First they had a mother of a soldier who had died in Iraq (I believe it was the mother of Sergeant John Jones as his picture was displayed, this may have been explained in the first minute of the segment which I missed).

Now, Sgt Jones died from injuries from an IED in Basra, and his mother was saying that the equipment given to British troops is "rubbish". She also said "if I were in those recruitment offices they wouldnt be getting many signing up". The Sky News anchorperson then cut to a Scots Guards Corporal in their studio who (in about a twenty second Live piece) first said he was sorry for the loss of "the woman's son" but then said "but I always say its the solider who's failed, not the equipment" and then started muttering some bollocks about "pride". Pride for what he didn't say....

I just thought it was a complete PR nightmare for every second this Scots Guard was on and he made the British Army look like some sort of stubborn uncaring organisation. I should mention he appeared in uniform with his beret on. This guy wasnt from the regiment that Sgt Jones served in (RRF)...he was tongue-tied and obviously not the right person to send to Sky News be a spokesman for the Army in a Live piece, why did it happen?

Mr Happy

If I followed correctly just now the SKY NEWS people just played a 1 minute loop of a some Iraqi Natl Guard training (45 secs) and a couple of Brit soldiers do a snap VCP (15 secs).

They interview a Scots Guards Full Screw who managed to explain that he earned loads more money than his mates and the army had all the kit it needed ("I've always said, its not that kit that doesn't work, its the soldier" or some such depot line...) and then they had the mother of a deceased soldier (didn't catch who) from an attack on his snatch talking about how the kit was 'pants' - I think she caught the anchor out on that one!

Is it just me, or is putting a Full Screw up vs. a dead soldiers mum when you can't manage to play the right bloody backing video shite journalism.

Mr Happy

SB, I didn't want to rip into the Cpl as I had a screaming baby in my arms and every third word isn't enough to condemn one of our own (but plenty for a journo) so I focused on Sky but I agree with your sentiments.

And he did come across as a bit "I am gunnery sargeant hard castle or whatever the name of the bloke from Full Metal Jacket was" which I agree is not the army though it might be the infantry...

And her words were 'pants' not 'rubbish' LOL
Guess someone will be paying the CO a visit........
I have been really impressed with the energy that Sky News have thrown behind the Army - lots of scathing comment today about recruiting figures and the like - and long may it continue.

God - did an ARRSEr just bat up for some journos? :D

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