SCOTS Formation Day

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Good pictures, thanks for that Barbs.
  2. You will have to excuse me for re-opening what is probably a now aging wound here. However, having read rather a lot over the last few years with regards to FIS - I am still at a loss to fathom the exact advantages of amalgamating these fine regiments (not forgetting those elsewhere undergoing similar upheavel).

    I understand that in political speech it will create a more "agile, flexible and deployable army" (you've got to admire politicians for their bullspit!) but in reality all I can see is that the heritage of these regiments is being lost. Surely, the re-role/location aspects of FIS are something that can be addressed without bunching one and all toghether it what appears to be a purely administrative move.

    I have probably shown my naivety of the system here, but opinions of those going through it/who were part of those effected would be interesting to hear.
  3. One uniform related question: Has the amalgamation done away with the Balmoral? I see from the photos officers and men all wearing what was the ORs TOS. Is there any difference and is there any difference between Bns ceremonial headdress?
  4. I'm not sure, but I think all that was ready for the parades was the cap badge, hackles, tartan backing, and TOS. All the parades, as far as i know, were done in cbt dress.

    Looks like the tartan backing is cut in the A+SH style.

    In a way it's too bad more of the uniform wasn't ready so the parades could have been done in no2 or no1 dress.

    does anyone know the progress of it all?

    I've seen some indication that cloth and kilts are still out for bid.
  5. Still Waiting for TRF's for smocks and Stable Belts. :oops:
  6. Heard a rumor that the Kilts are going to be made in Pakistan/India. As the Uk based supplier can't make the required amount in time. :(

    Something about Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss poor Performance, Springs to mind. :roll:
  7. I heard that rumour. It's hard to believe weaving mills can't set up to do this. (But Pakistan is the new Scotland for Highland dress you know.....just hope the cloth isn't 'mixed fibre' )

    If the kilt is indeed the exact same as the A+SH version, the system should have at least a Bn worth in stock.
    I know that new A+SH kilts have been surplussed of the last year or so though, so maybe there is a difference.
  8. Does anyone know if HQ Coy 7 Bn will continue to wear the Croix De Guerre medal ribbons & Lanyard??
  9. There does appear to be a wide variety of TRFs, etc. on display there?
  10. With regard to the balmorals (very rare for them to be called that in this day an age), there is now very little difference between ORs and officers head dress, the TOS on both is fine, infact many officers have worn the ORs "battle Bonnet" for years. The Cerimonial head dress is the Glenngarry with red, white and a VERY dark green (some would say black) dice, such as worn by the RHK/RS/KOSB etc. it will be worn with a cocks feather on cerimonial occassions. The projected time for No2's etc I believe is persons leaving Sandhurst/catterick will pass out with them first in about August (that was the last date I heard), they remainder will be issued over time, those who need it most first, such as Balmoral Guard etc.
    As someone has stated the tartan appears in the Argyle style, yes it is, the Tartan is "Goverment No1A" (previously worn by the Argyles, the Black watch version was known as "Goverment No1", there is a slightly different set, ie the lines a a bit different ).
  11. The TRF is the same, it's just different Bde flashes i.e 16 (Air Assault) Bde flash being worn by the A&SH's, RRS 5 Scots.
  12. This what is said about the Glengarry, that the dicing is red, white and green. Unless a new glengarry is being produced, they are actually red, white, and very dark blue or black. Examine one closely and you will see for yourself.
    The only Regiment to wear one that actually contained green in the dicing was the 9th Bn HLI. The Scottish Horse wore a balmoral that had green in the dicing.
    Seaforths, Gordons, Royal Scots, KOSB, and others glengarries dicing is red, white, and black or very dark blue.

    No1 tartan has a narrower sett and slightly darker green than the no 1A tartan. The question is, will the kilt of the RRS be box pleated as the A&SH kilt is?
  13. TRFs are already appearing on eBay
  14. RC. Do you have a link.