Discussion in 'RAC' started by britannia, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Basically I would like to join The RAC as an MBT crewman now I've read through all the older threads on this and I've learnt that I don't have to go for my local regiment. So, the regiments that I'm considering are...

    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards,
    The Royal Dragoon Guards
    or 2nd Royal Tank Regiment.

    I was wondering if you god like members of arrse could help me, just tell me which you think is the best and why. I dont want this to turn into an argument or anything like that. Oh and whats life like as an Englishman in a Scottish regiment?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Its easy, The Scots Grots are full of buckfast drinking, racist bigots who you will have great difficulty understanding and who eat englishmen for breakfast every morning with their deep fried Mars bars and Haggis suppers.

    The 2nd Battalion of the Peoples Cavalry are full of soft southern shandy drinking po*fs who are so laid back they are horizontal but think they are special because they wear black coveys.

    As you are a Yorkshireman (albeit from the eastern persuasion, but you cant be blamed for your place of birth) you would be at home in the Royal Dragoon Guards where the more discerning amongst us abide. There you will enjoy sophisticated company and a career second to none.

    OK OK I jest !!!!!

    In actual fact there is very little to choose between the three regiments you have identified.

    They are all equally professional with fine reputations and I applaud you for being so discerning as to narrow your choice down to three very fine regiments. It will be a hard decision to make but should you decide to join any one of them I am sure you will enjoy it and I wish you a long and enjoyable career.

    The question about an englishman in a Scottish regiment has been discussed on previous threads with many examples of that happenning without any real issues being identified. If you are any good you will make your own mark regardless of where you are, in some cases it has worked in peoples favour.

    Now I better get out of here before Soprano54 wakes up and spits his tea over his keyboard.
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  3. By the fcuk you've changed! 8O
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  4. :evil:
    Where am I, what day is it, what was that bang on the head all about.

    ................FERK ME DID I WRITE THAT !!!!!!!

    No wonder Soprano thinks I have gone soft .............. trust me S54 its still me
  5. Some nice detailed info there, should help a fair bit. 8)
  6. This may sound like a stupid question but do the SCOTS RD wear kilts? Always wanted to wear one lol.
  7. Britannia,

    Judging by your choice of the Red Jerboa (Desert Rat), it looks to me as if you have already made your decision.

    To echo the comments above, the three regiments you are looking at are all strong albeit ever so slightly different in character from one an other.

    I suggest that you consider where each regiment is based.

    SCOTS DG is in Fallingbostel in Germany, this is great if you want to travel in northern and central Europe. Hanover is about an hour away and Hanover about half an hour. Germany has the advantage that you get paid a bit more and the units are often a bit tighter, as it is more difficult for people to go home and therefore people tend to socialise with one another a bit more. In terms of an englishman in a Jock regiment, I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you are "a good bloke" and have a thick skin. Also don't get into the whole Celtic/Rangers debate until you have really settled in and know what you are talking about!

    RDG is in Catterick in Yorkshire. This might be good for you if you want to be close to home. As previously mentioned the RDG recruit (in part) from other areas of Yorkshire, so you may find a few more kindred spirits here.

    2RTR is in Tidworth in Wiltshire. Not particularly close to home (that may be a good or a bad thing!) Another further thing to consider is that I understand that if you joined the RTR you could be posted to either 1 or 2 RTR. On the plus side this might present some added variety, on the minus side, you may not want to live at Honnington and work in the JtCBRN Regt.

    My belief is that there are no bad regiments in the Royal Armoured Corps (despite what you may hear from others), there are stronger and less strong regiments at any given time (as with any other part of the army) although this tends to go in cycles. All three of the regiments you mention are (in my humble view) at the stronger end of the spectrum at the moment, each has its advantages and disadvantages.
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  8. I think only the pipers wear kilts. I think both the RDG and RTR also have pipe bands who wear kilts as well.

    If you want to wear a kilt as part of your uniform, you'll need to join a Scottish Infantry Battalion. I'd suggest this is not a a good reason to select a regiment!!
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  9. Since Scots DG are cav can you imagine wearing kilts whilst on horse back?No only the Ps & Ds wear kilts as part of their uniform but as you know when not in uniform anyone can.
  10. Yeah agreed it would have just been a bonus if I could wear one thats all, not to bothered. So yeah i do believe my choice is SCOTS DG, being as far away from home is what i was looking for tbh.
  11. Or of course there's always the option of the modern equivalent of the WRAC!!! Aw, come on someoine had to say it!!!!!
  12. You dont mean the 9th/12? why did you have to lower the tone Malc
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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I dare say if you were looking to get married in a kilt (why do men do that?) there may be a way of doing it in uniform in Scots DG (but don't quote me). My wife has never forgiven me for looking better at the wedding than she did (and she did look good) dressed as I was in Adam Ant kit (hussars peace time uniform).

    Better than getting married in smelly black coveralls.

    Oops where did I leave my tin helmet?
  14. It might be an idea to have a 2nd & 3rd choice ready. Some units ( 2 RTR for example) are currently overmanned and you might find yourself unable to go to your first choice regiment.
  15. The differences were explained to me thus:

    SCOTS DG have blue overalls with yellow stripes.

    RDG have green overalls with primrose stripes.

    RTR have dirt under their fingernails ;)