Scots DG to be scrapped?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by TVEDU_RED, May 1, 2012.

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  1. This was in the Scotsman on Sunday, not entirely sure how accurate it is (shocker...) however it states that "a Scottish tank Regiment" is to be scrapped in the forthcoming cuts, and they therefore assume this to be the Scots DG - where this info comes from it doesnt actually say but couldn't this more accurately be 1 RTR? Or is it all a big bag of bollox as usual?!

    Argylls and Dragoons set to be scrapped - Politics -
  2. They are the only Scottish tankies arent they? I was led to beleive that they were juat being made smaller.
  3. Thought it was a Fijian Cavalry Regiment Officered by the English, so should be safe :wink:
  4. Having given up the CBRN job, I would guess that 1RTR are on shaky ground...
  5. Hmmmm, looks like the PR machine is firing up.
  6. It's saying in today's edition that ALL Cavalry units are going to be subsumed into infantry with a Sqn going to each battalion. Hmmm...

    Link to follow once I get out of the pub.
  7. I suspect you may be right, as they are currently Regiment Without Portfolio
  8. "Scottish Tank Regiment" could as easily refer to 1RTR as SCOTS DG (at least from some people's perspective. Clearly some quality analytical journalism to stir up the Scottish nationalists. Given that SCOTS DG provides the armour for 7X in Germany and (unfortunately on paper at least) 1RTR provides no particular enduring capability to anyone, I know which of the two I would bet on going. Also however Scottish 1RTR might be, the name doesn't sound particularly Scottish, therefore to appease the SNP (in the face of the almost inevitable loss of a Bn from the Royal Regiment of Scotland), 1RTR probably makes more sense from a politico perspective to go.
  9. Na, this is all part of the jock-ohoonies plan for an independent Jock-Land.
    Camms flogs off any and all parts of the British Army cheap, so that the new joke army can arise fron the ashes or something like that.
  10. Not really. This is a Tory dominated coalition who've nothing to lose by binning the SCOTS DG. The Tories are not exactly the voters choice in Scotland, nor will they ever be. Spiteful doesn't even begin to describe Cameron and his bunch of *****.
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    1 RTR are no more Scottish than 2 RTR Londerners. 1 RTR was originally made up from members of 1 & 4 RTR (who did recruit from Scotland). There is a certain amount of X posting now between both regiments so to divide them into regions is becoming a thing of the past.
  12. doesnt the scotsman just publish the same story every 3-4 months but with different units?
  13. Hasn't the PM said no cap badges are to be lost.............
  14. I think Tito did the same moving the fratious tribes of Yugoslavia away from their home Units, and look what happened when it stopped :wink: