Scots DG Sniper, Javelin?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Trooper_Sefton, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. I have decided to join the RAC and fancy working with CVR(t)s but the only scottish tank regiment is a MBT reg, but it does have one cvr(t) sqn. i was wondering if i could go straight to the cvr(t) sqn or if i have to start with CR2's for a bit then transfer to CVR(t)

    also do the Scots DG have snipers and javelins and stuff in the CVR(t) sqn? or is that just for FR regiments?
  2. they have a recce troop

    sqms may have javelin when deployed

    very doubtful on the sniper side of thingd

    fr have a support troop which caters for these weapon systems and cvrt

    why not go hcr?
  3. Firstly no armoured regiments have either Javelin or snipers. So no the SCOTS DG do not have either, I suspect that BIPOLAR77 is confusing LAW for Jav.

    You are right, armoured regiments do each have an MA Sqn mounted in CVR(T) SCIMITAR and also (as previously mentioned) a Close Recce Tp also also mounted in SCIMITAR, in addition to the armoured Sqns in CR2.

    If I were you I would think less about what vehicle you would like to serve on and more about the job you would like to do in it. Nowadays, you will find yourself operating a number of different vehicle types regardless of what you join. Secondly, although a Formation Recce (FR) Sqn may seem similar to an MA Sqn, the similarities are (in theory) almost entirely superficial. an MA Sqn is smaller as it does not include Javelin, Snipers, FACs and the support troops (dedicated dismounts) organic to it. In terms of ethos (not withstanding current operational activity) an FR Sqn is a lot less kinetic than an MA Sqn. What that means is that an MA Sqn uses it's SCIMITAR as light tanks where as an FR Sqn uses them to find the enemy by seeing without being seen. Having said that, FR Sqns have been very kinetic on some Op HERRICKs, routinely conducting light armour tasks in intimate support of dismounted infantry. Such is the versitility of the RAC soldier.

    In terms of what you should join. I would suggest that if you are set on the RAC, you have a think about whether you would be happier in an armoured regiment (be it on CR2 or SCIMITAR) where you are principally charging about trying to destroy the enemy (although the reality of operations these days varies significantly) or whether you would be happier mainly sneaking around the battlefield both in CVR(T) and on foot trying to find the enemy by stealth (although in the knowledge that you may have to step up to the light armour role and get stuck into the enemy if required).

    By the sounds of it you have the choice. You could join your local armoured regiment (SCOTS DG and I think 1RTR also recruits from Scotland) where the majority of soldiers are also from Scotland (although most scottish regiments have plenty of non-Scots in them as well) or you could join an FR regiment which either mainly recruits from somewhere else (QRL, QDG, 9/12L, LD) or one which recruits nationwide (HCR).

    The choice is yours. Good luck!
  4. The QDGs have snipers so do the QRL
  5. i dont really fancy the ceremonial side.
  6. What Ceremonial side?
  7. of the HCR
  8. oops i was meant to send that to a different person sorry
  9. i dont really want to do the ceremonial side
  10. It says SDG, in my 17years in 17/21Lancers and another 20 as STAB I did one Ceremonial
  11. Were you not just looking at SAS(R) and TA Infantry?
  12. yes, the same retard, two completely different questions :D