SCOTS DG Pipes and Drums - Brit Awards 2009...!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven_Gunner_Venttubesen, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Most of you might not be aware that the Pipes and Drums of the SCOTS DG released a CD late last year which went on to be No1 in the Classic Charts for 8 weeks. They have now been shortlisted for the final awards ceremony and all the voting is done online.

    OK, they ain't gonna appear live with Kylie, it ain't the pop Brit awards, but they are up against a whole load of long haired civilians with slick marketing campaigns behind them! I know the lads would appreciate it if you could vote for them - - you don't have to like bagpipes/ cat-stranglers or whatever, just your vote is what counts!!!!
  2. Vote cast.

    Good Luck :D
  3. Thanks - much appreciated!
  4. VOTED!!!
  5. Vote cast, and CD purchased.

  6. Thanks and fingers crossed...! Please let people know and get 'em to vote!!!! :D
  7. Vote cast, and it's a quality CD, top notch.
  8. Shameless use of the tinterweb :wink:

    Voted, and all the best :D
  9. Shameless, yup, you got me there!!! But thanks for your support - really grateful.
  10. Voted- now where can I buy the CD :?

    edited to add: just ordered it off amazon. I had to get another CD to get The Barren Rocks of Aden as it wasn't on that one though
  11. Voted and got CD.

    Just voted again and passed on to all my veteran mates. Knew some of the guys in RSDG as my son served with them when they were at Bovvy mid/late 80s. i think that was the date. Have a couple of their CDs bloody stirring music GREAT .
  12. vote cast,
    Are you in the band sven?
    You say we aint going to appear with kylie, but the band did once appear with her sister Danni, a great day that was.
  13. Vote cast! Good Luck!
  14. Vote cast, good luck