Hello all,
I'm currently looking into my options in joining the Armed Forces, I've been researching all three forces and several regiments within the Army. I've been repeatedly drawn to the SCOTS DG because of their history, unique uniform, role and my fondness for highland culture (I find the sound of pipes and drums particularly rousing).
I've got several questions about the process of becoming an officer in this regiment, hopefully I can get some answers here.
1. What is the Phase 2 training like? I can't find any information about any Phase 2 training for officers in the RAC
2. What're the chances of being accepted?
3. What would I find myself doing in the first couple of years as an officer?

Thank you in advance!
If i were you, i'd get myself intouch with the regiment and try to get booked onto a visit. This would answer all of your questions and more importanatly it would allow you to get a feel for the regiment. Just as much as having dinner in the mess with the other officers will help you decide whether its the place for you!

Mind you they likely would require you to have at least passed breifing at this point!