Scots chaps in 2RTR.....

Discussion in 'RAC' started by regular_imbiber, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Was this a relatively rare phenomenon that mainly came about due to the above-mentioned blokes being disgruntled with the move of 1RTR from Paderborn to Honington and the Regt's re-role?

    I only ask because my brother was one of them and some of you might know him (Falcon Sqn, 01 - 03, signed off).
  2. I doubt there is an English regiment that does not have it's fair share of "jocks". I would not read too much into it if I were you.
  3. I'm not reading much into it all; was just recalling that when I served in Hohne, 2RTR was always known as an "English Regt" and even during my brother's time there (I was at 2Bn REME at the same time,which was nice) Scots blokes in 2RTR was a rarity. There was a Welsh bloke there too,a brilliant laugh.

    Incidentally my brother was D Sqn at 1RTR and dabbled in the P's & D's too.
  4. I remember doing an inspection on the RSDG tanks in Fallingrad in the mid 90's, the driver was from the west country. Now that was a shock, still as a yokel myself it felt sort of comforting.

  5. With the 'Pairing Arrangement' between both Regts there is bound to be a few Jocks ending up in the 2nd! Even in the good old days when the 3rd was still around we had a few, so as Aghart says don't read anything into it! The West Country lad who ended up in FijiDG was probably ex 3rd and moved across in 92, we also had a few go to the QDG to make the numbers up.
  6. How very vulgar, they'll being having yorkshire lads next!!
  7. Jocks doing missionary work!
  8. From my intake in '77 about a third of us were destined for 4RTR and only half of those were jocks, so it's wasn't unusual to have a 'mixed-race' regiment even back then. Two of the jocks in the intake were heading for 1RTR (Derek Sh*r***n) and QOH.
  9. I was a Scots chap in 2RTR - cap-badged and everything, no' one o' they hangers-on (REME,AG Corps etc)! And a thoroughly excellent time I had too! (Although two tours of Fally was a bit much!) Wee Jock '85 - '97.