Scots at same Standard

Very quite north of the border today, see-ing as how well the Scottish football team did yet again.Nice to see some one sticking to the standards already acheived
:lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted:


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Oh the wailing of the pipes, the knashing of the haggis -

nothing really to be said - Scotland were shite. :cry:
The duty porridge wog in my office is today only laying claim to being a rugby follower. Obviously too embarrassed to hold his head up high and admit his national team are shiiiite :lol:
Was at the game last night? The team were for the first 35 mins the better team :lol: Then we sort of lost it the penalty just on halftime put the kybosh on us and Bertis tinkering and non understanding of tactics really let us down :!: Thought some of the players had Sat games on their minds as well which does not help :x

Berti said when he took the job that he would get us to the play-offs for 2004 and would take us to Germany 2006, i belive he will. The qualifiers will be a different kettle of fish, But if we have played two lost two he must walk :wink: :wink:

P.S Thanks for all your support, mash eating twats :wink: :wink:
My dear chaps, it is only puffball! :D

It is time the Scots put their faith in the Rugby Boys. There are several class players in the current line up (Tom Smith, Simon Taylor -when he's not injured- Scott Murray, and the youngsters Danielli, Blair and -dare I say it Chris Patterson!) Any of whom have a good change of making the Lions Tour next summer. Matt Williams is a too bit chilled out for my liking, though.

I can't even think of a current world class Scottish Footballer. Most of Rangers and Celtic are foreigners!

Besides, Football is such a beastly, vulgar sport :D

As this is my first Post, I am standing by for the customary kicking...
The big difference is we lose with dignity. Do you hear a cry of "the referee was biased" or "their striker was offside"? We lost, fair one, but we can take it FEBs!!!!


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Nutstrangler said:
Berti said when he took the job that he would take us to Germany 2006, i belive he will.
Yeah, but he only meant a trip to see the Reeperbahn and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh........bugger-all about fitba'! :wink:
Well not much of a change for the Scottish football team then - read Hampden Babylon by Stuart Cosgrove, brilliant.

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