Scotlands youngest mother

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. BBC

    Words fail me
  2. Her parents should be charged with child abuse
  3. Did the 15 year old boy get done for rape?

    Where the Feck is she getting the money for fags? (£5x30 = £150 per Month). Some how I don't think she has a paper round!
  4. No doubt some of my hard earned taxes are going towards keeping this waster in fags and booze. The child should be seperated from the mother and given to a proper family who work, have morals and who can raise it properly. As for the rest of the 'family' of the 12 year old, her 'partners family' and the rest of them, cut off their benefits and let them do whatever it is in their little world (after they have all been sterilised that is). Disgusting.
  5. I said that when the story first broke.

    What does her mother really do? I know the dad is long gone, but the "grandmother" was proud of her daughter in a warped way. I take it the granny was babysitting. Or was it the family dog?
  6. I was led to believe that sex with a minor under the age of 13 was classed as statutory rape regardless of whether consent was given or not. I firmly believe that both of these kids should face the music. After all, it takes 2.
  7. Unbelievable!

    They should trace all family members; cousins, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews from both sides, right down to people who know them too.

    Put them all on a boat and let it sail out to sea for 10 hours. Chuck the lot of them overboard. It should be broadcast live on TV, daytime TV when Jeremy Kyle is on.

    It may act as a deterrant for the rest of the plebians who fail to realise what bringing a child into this world means.

    State endorsed castration. I'm all for it.

    Failing that, a big bucket of sunshine, lets start the human race again.

    With the amount of tax I pay, I own at least ten of these little twats. Let me have them, theyre mine. They can work their debt off down my diamond mine.
  8. purely & simply what you expect from the NED's you get down that way.
  9. The little rat is getting money that shes not earning to spend on fags and booze! She should be ashamed of herself, and definately should be punished along with the other lad, but instead of punishment shes getting money off the government so that she can kill her baby with passive smoking. The poor baby should be taken away from the little rat, no child deserves to be brung up like that.
  11. Why is this now becoming more and more occurant. The amount of stories you see and hear in the news about underage mothers, underage mothers getting younger and younger, underage mothers living off benefits for the rest of their bone idol lazy lives. Has the education system just gone tits-up in the last 20 years? When I was that age, even I knew about the 'birds and the bees' and the effects of alcohol and smoking.

    Have they started issuing the kids with free stupid-pills instead of free milk at break-times???

    I despair
  12. Maybe the way forward is to introduce bromide for the boys and OCP for the girls! Although I'm sure there would be uproar from the parents about their children's choices not being taken into consideration! The way ahead is to cut the little darlings benefits and the other alleged perks that come with Motherhood then they might think twice about having the child in the first place!
  13. Mrs Thatcher took away my free school milk in 1989. I don't think you can blame the education system - they only have the kids a few hours each day, where they are presented with the information on the birds and the bees. If they then go home and they see their parent/parents/family acting and behaving in a different way how are they to know better? It's sickening, but I don't see an end to it
  14. edited due to public drunkeness
  15. I was 4 at the time - but I remember it well.

    Good point on the age - many countries have a lower age on consent and traditionally there were girls married at 14 - they're physically ready to reproduce - mainly. However, to be 12, have a baby, out on the lash and smoking is completely unacceptable - by the standards of any era. In the good (very) old days she might have been chucked out of her village to fend for herself - or at least there weren't benefits from a state to support her dirty habits

    P.S - mdma???