Scotlands own Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by leonidas42, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Yes

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  3. Only as an attachment, which would allow me to claim GYH and LSA

  1. Lets say for instance that, old Alex Salmond pulls a blinder like that other numpty Boris Johnston. 8O What's going to happen to the likes of me. Will they keep the UK Armed Forces or will I end up working at Gretna checking passports. Since Gretna is 60 or so miles from my own house will I get HDT. Any legals out there willing to comment on such a fiery and serious subject which is close to my heart. :)
  2. (Sighs and shakes head...)One more time for the hard of thinking: this will NEVER HAPPEN! :roll:

    There is NO significant majority in Scotland for independance; Salmond managed the slimmist of victories with a backlash against Labour and a voting system that would make Jeb Bush blush. He has as much chance of winning a referendum on independance as Scotland have of winning World Cup 2010.
  3. Never say "Never". It's not that tricky to steer public opinion in any direction.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Agreed. Times change.

    PS I believe the voting system was introduced by the Losers, so not really the SNPs fault if it worked to their favour. I rather think the Losers thought that no matter what system they introduced, they would win. Some arrogance, would you not agree?

    As it is, with huge numbers of councils being controlled by parties other than Labour for the first time in 40-50 years, people are starting to see just what those parties can do. Breath of fresh air, is the general opinion. Liberals in my area are proving rather popular with many skeletons coming out of the closet, some bordering on criminal, horrifying the locals who were hacked off with Labur anyway. If there was a vote today, my view is there would be an even bigger swing against Labour.

    People aren't that happy with Labour now. If Brown holds on and the landslide does come, with a scottish election held at about the same time, do you not think there may be a little momentum for SNP? It will make interesting watching.

    I will agree the next vote will be crucial. We will see then whether there is truly a different political sway in the Land rather than a blip.

    I accept that this doesn't mean a comparible vote for independence but if the political climate continues to go against Labour, it may be closer than you think.
  5. I remember telling all around me that the Berlin Wall wouldn't come down in my lifetime...
  6. If SNP play their cards right then Mr Broon could sell it for them , even the Scottish Labour party want a vote now, as they see it if they keep their attachment to New Labour they will loose even more MSPs.

    As was said it is a strange world we live in I too watched the Berlin wall coming down in disbelief. Fuel cost up, food cost up , road tax up, gas up, electric up and on and on I know labour are not to blame for everything but they are the Government of the day and if you had another choice would you not seriously consider it.
  7. ... and I remember utter shock when Russia declared its independence breaking down the USSR.
  8. A few years ago an SNP MP (defence) visited my TAC. He was asking questions about our views on OP Tours and was asked the question, What would you do after Independence. His reply was to withdraw all Scottish troops to bases within Scotland. He was then asked what would the troops do. The reply was to serve the Scottish people. When probed about troop deployments, the answer was that there would be little chance of Operational Deployments. As they would not be in Scotlands interest.
    If you ask my opinion. The SNP are as wired to the moon as any other political party, as for independance. My view is it's not a good option, just a focal point for Salmond to spout his outdated views.

    And the tight Fecker never bought a round, Bloody politicians :roll:
  9. Dr. NOOO! and McGuiness in power sharing?
  10. If there is a God he'd never inflict that Twat salmond on us as an independant nation (I'm not adverse to the thought of independance) but I'm very adverse to some/ most of the policys of the SNP Monster raving loonie party reborn.
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Never say never, Werewolf :D

  12. The funny thing is the SNP will try and do all the right things for the wrong reasons (to get anyone they can on side).

    Im glad im not the only person that thinks its a patently stupid idea, but you should never underestimate the power of stupid (and more importantly too proud to go from voting labour to tory) people in large groups.

  13. Oh oh oh does that mean there is a chance of us winning then, please please please.
  14. I could be DGAMS (Scot) and be in charge of the Royal Scottish Army Medical Corps RSAMC oh what fun on Corps Day me, a Doctor, a Nurse and two medics the whole Corps on Parade. Salute taken by MDN Chief of the Defence Staff, The Snail Chief of the Scottish Women's Service, Flash Chief Air Marshal any other volunteers for Positions of power
  15. Well, since I started the post, I would be Quarter master General of all military bases. Wow what a job. :roll: