Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jaybee2786, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Well done yet again SCOTLAND 3-1
  2. Brilliant result, just hope we can do it again in Tblisi Wednesday
  3. Nae bother!
  4. Well done Spanners, you've just put the kiss of death on it!

    I just pray that we can!!!

  5. 3-1? You conceded a goal?
  6. They did have Andriy Shevchenko!
  7. Fair play to all the Jocks! Celebrate by storming the pitch and breaking the goalposts.
  8. And your point is?

    He couldn't hit a cows arrse with a banjo in the Premier League.
  9. fecking quality, well done eck & the lads you done us proud.

    see engerland just scraped past that well renowned footballing nation estonia.

    come on the french egg-chasers.
  10. Fair point t_g, I'll get back in my box with my bottle of whisky.
  11. On the England game,
    One was a goalkeeping error
    One was an own goal
    so technically it was only 1-0 and Estonia gave them the rest!
  12. What are the Scots Rugby side doing the neet?

    You have a distinguished history versus the renowned Estonians :)
  13. I was wondering when this would turn into the good old Scotland supporting whatever team England is playing thread.

    I will say this however, whoever wins tonight will* win the cup!


    * Clearly this means they will go on to win the cup, they will not win the cup tonight!
  14. ref: the egg-chasers, i believe most will be heading home to nz/oz/sa.

    ref: fitba, we beat a far higher calibre of opponent today so i am basking in the glow of scottish fitba at present before we come crashing back to earth, as usual.
  15. **** me, we won something? I dunno, I turn my back for two seconds...

    Oh, wait. Association Football? Ah, well, nothing worth getting excited about, then.