Scotland Yards wanted poster...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No_Duff, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Scotland Yards Wanted for April.....what a lucky country we are to have such a rich, diverse multicultural population....

  2. What's your point?
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    That only foreigners are criminals, probably. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

    He's a very bitter man.
  4. Looks like you forgot about these fine upstanding members of our multi-cultural, diverse society.

  5. That this country is awash with niggers, chinks, pakis, slopes, dinks, gooks, wops and Poles?
  6. Without wishing to seem racist, but why are Scotland Yards most wanted all, with one or two exceptions, from ethnic minorities? Is it pure coincidence?
  7. No there are just a lot more of them than we are led to believe.
  8. I bet those two are Paddys
  9. The Northern Irish and the Welsh didn't qualify, the Scots didn't make it past the first round and the English were knocked out in the semis after a penalty shoot out?
  10. I dont know, maybe something to do with white men being more active in low level crime and the ethnic in higher level crime, e.g terrorism? Scotland yard wouldnt put out a wanted for someone nicking cars so i would guess that that might be part of the reason.

    Might be spouting boilocks though.
  11. Well i think its a disgrace that these foreign criminals should come here and commit the crimes our own people are too lazy to carry out!

    If it wasn't for these hard working outlaws who would deal the drugs or carry out the stabbings and shootings that so enrich our multicultural society.

    With a growing elderly population we soon wont have enough muggers to deal with them if we dont allow in even more these fine upstanding citizens!!!
  12. This is a list of criminals who the Met cannot catch, not a representative list of all criminals in London.

    Is it that surprising that this list features heavily those who are more likely to have been able to readily flee abroad and thus evade capture, therefore ending up on this list? Correlation rather than cause perhaps?
  13. Has Sukhdip Sing got a stutter?
  14. Fair dos; I wasn't looking for a rabble rousing "look how bad the darkies are!" was just genuinely wondering.

    What crimes do they stand accused of then No_Duff?
  15. :D :lol: