Scotland Yard to investigate Bhutto killing

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ghost_us, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Interesting choice of organizations to investigate.
  2. He's been watching too many episodes of Dixon of Dock Green.

    Our investigation will probably conclude that she slipped whilst falling down the stairs and then ran away in a very suspicious manner - so was shot.
  3. Not at all.

    Bringing Scotland Yard in, is not only the right thing to do, it's essential.

    Will they be starting with Zardari?
  4. WHY??

    She is dead, end of story. Does it really matter if she banged her head or was shot. FFS.
  5. Why aren't our plod catching real criminals over here?

    Will there be an exchange of rozzers? Can we have some of those mean-looking scrotes with the hats made out of supermarket trolleys and long sticks to show our paperwork obsessives how it's done?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's probably better if pervo has a 'public enquiry'. As we well know in the UK, you can get away with aherm, blue murder as long as you have a public enquiry to whitewash the thing afterwards and get rid of those nasty stains.
  7. Can so see how this is going to end - Headline in Dawn Newspaper
    'British Inspectors in Kusra Mujra Sensation'!!

    Seriously we all know it was Mesud wot donnit can we just move on and accept that a sunroof can be dangerous to your health?
  8. Like we haven't got enough of our own crimes to clear up.
  9. At least Robert Murat is safe for a bit longer now that Scotland Yard have better things to investigate
  10. And who's footing, ahem, the bill for this? I'm sure the council tax payers of London would just love to foot the business class flights, hotels, overtime etc for this jolly?

    Still, it's one in the eye for the FBI, septics not good enough.... AGAIN!
  11. I think the Met Plod can safely be relied on to drag it out way beyond the elections, and give a thin veneer of respectability to the process. And if by some mischance any embarrassing evidence should come to light (CIA involvement etc) they can also be relied on to sweep it under the carpet in the time homoured fashion. Let's hope they don't shoot anybody else.
  12. The Pak military do a very slapdash job covering the ISI's traces and now turn to the land of the whitewash inquiry to bail them out. That's about the height of it. The very comparable if far less globally significant Hariri killing gets a full blown UN inquiry not just some well shepherded British plod with a goat biryani smeared Urdu phrasebook.

    Sale is on the money here describing the build up to Bibi's assassination:
  13. I for one am really pleased that my hard earned cash which is robbed off me monthly by my local council and passed to the Met will now be used to "investigate" political killings overseas, wonderful stuff. No doubt they'll be wanting extra next year to cover it.
  14. The MET can't even nail the scum (from Eltham - SE London) who topped Stephen Lawrence, so what chance have they got in Islamabad? IT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM! They managed to develop nuclear weapons, let them develop a police force.
  15. Scotland Yard to investigate Bhutto killing.

    Why, was the vehicle she was in speeding, or has she missed a congestion charge payment?