Scotland Yard Infiltrated ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Will be interesting to see how this story pans out but its hardly surprising that the bad guys want to know what the good guys know. I imagine there are similar efforts to gain access to police.intelligence and defense information using people that want to make money or fellow travelers.

  2. Well done to the News of the world for tipping the alleged sleeper cells off :roll:
  3. Wunh??
  4. A clumbsy attempt to get round the M word?
  5. What? Mansfield? Or (whisper it low) Manchester?
  6. Or it could be that a well known US Airline now has an underwater branch
  7. must be true then. :roll:
  8. Were corners cut at the point of recruitment (appeasement an' all that)?

    Were/are they members of the B-B-Black police assn?
  9. It is not surprising, considering the almost desperate measures taken to recruit people from certain backgrounds in order to meet Govt targets.
  10. Apparently they've started checking officers' names that begin with 'Ali' wait a minute...... where have I heard that name before?
  11. The news of the world that fine upstanding bastion of investigative journalism at its very finest...