Scotland Vs All Blacks Saturday-Edinburgh

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pegasus797, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Got tickets for the game on saturday and a group of us are doing the Royal Mile saturday night. Anyone who fancies joining us, PM me your details and i'll give you a mobile number, should be a good one!!
  2. You would pick the expensive bit of town.
  3. I'm a southerner, dont get up to them parts much, so going to make the most of it. The missus dad is ex med corp, did some time there early 80's, taking us around a few of his old haunts, so could be an all over job!!
  4. You'll get ripped off to high heaven up the High Street (Royal Mile to you). Stick to the Grassmarket, but bear in mind Whistle Binkies on the South Bridge stays open to 4am. Good hunting at the Cavendish Club til about 4am as well but there is a curfew.

    Oh and Gordon's Trattoria on the Royal Mile is open for meals until about 3.30am - just be prepared to pay through the nose.
  5. cheers for the heads up!!
  6. Anytime mate. If you get in any bother when you're up give me a ring. PM for number.
  7. Pegasus, how are you getting up there so quickly after the Sarries game has finished? You can't have an avatar like that and not be in The Shed on a home game.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hey - I live here - can I get your number for when I am in trouble? :wink:

    Are you on standby for the next Northern Arrse Crawl?
  9. Possibly, if work and other commitments allow. If its being held in Auld Reekie that's a good starting point.
  10. Good call, but Dario's Pizza Emporium is open 'till 5, and is about 100 metres from the strip clubs. Winner!

    Cavendish has gone downhill recently, it's now called Lava/Ignite, I think. Dropkick Murphy's is the ideal place (was Bertie's, end of the Grassmarket), it's really just a pub and club pushed together really hard, and stays open 'till 3.
  11. Didn't know about Darios but thanks for the input. I don't think anyone who has never been to the Cavvie will know the difference. It's still a great place to go for a hunt.