Scotland v Tories - save the Scottish Regiments round 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theylie, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Oh where to begin... I'll start with the army exists to provide a relavent capability in the defence of the realm and the projection of force to proctect the realm's interests abroad. Keeping cap badges and old-boys drinking clubs intact should be ranked only just above sucking up to potentially hostile dictators.

    Then there is the argument that with less than 10% of the UK's total population, why should the oatmeal ethnics provide (supposedly) 1 in 6 of the infantry and an equally sizeable contribution to the RAC, and pressumably their fair share of manpower in the various corps too... Even with substantial back-fill from the ex-pat Surrey Highlanders and Commonwealth recruits anecdotes indicate they are still struggling to fill posts. Cuts have to be made. Common sense (before the political lobby of the regimental associations gets involved) says the cuts should fall on those that are struggling to recruit. Although equally common sense would suggest a radical root-and-branch reform of the army's structure might be a worthwhile aim too.
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  2. From what I gather, man people are proud to join the Rifles. Why not work on building the same esprit de corps with a new Scottish Regiment?
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  3. When they are independent they can do what they want.
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  4. Despite the spin from all sides and some of the reporting, neither "cap badges" or "old-boys drinking clubs" have anything whatsoever to do with the issue of reductions to the infantry.
  5. Not having a Facebook account I was unable post in the comments section of that article and tell all those highly motivated Scots, all of them mad keen for the skirl of the pipes and the swing of the kilt, that the simplest and best way to preserve their regiments is to f*cking well join them. Something the average ginger-headed, Buckfast-swilling, "Fitba" fanatic in Leith, Stirling, Perth and Aberdeen has on the whole been loathe to do for quite some time now.
    The Scottish regiments got away with it for far too long, remaining largely un-amalgamated long after virtually all English, Irish and Welsh regiments bit the bullet, and significantly undermanned for much of that time as well.

    I'm as big a fan of the Regimental system as the next man and my own mob saw name changes, reductions and amalgamations but just took it on the chin and looked forwards, making a resounding success of all these changes. Tough titty for the Jocks I'm afraid
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  6. Heaven's above, I'm so glad that you found it within yourself not to mention Milngavie in amongst that lot, otherwise you would have forced the chaps to find out where you live and to come round to one's council flat and kick one's **** in, you loud mouthed English gnyaff.
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  7. Well you've not actually addressed any of the points I've made in your rush to anger but to paraphrase Ali G:

    "Is it because I is right?"

    Are the Scottish battalions well recruited now? Have they not been under recruited for many many years? Reality check eh?

    (I've never heard of Minlgavie by the way and I just pulled those places out of thin air, there's no significance to them other than that they're towns in Scotland)
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  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Forbye the issues of the Scottish regiments, I am drawn more to the title of the thread - Scotland v Tories!

    What makes that so ironic is the fact that following the recent council elections, several local authorities have joint pacts with Labour & Tory just to keep out the SNP. It is great whenever a hard-nosed red in East Lothian goes on about the Tories I just have to point out that their precious Labour party have gone running to the Tories to back them up.

    It is just a pity that most of the people around here would not recognise irony if it bit them in the arrse!
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  9. Shocked, why?
  10. Why? Would the Scots join their independent Army's infantry battalions in any higher numbers than they join the Royal Regiment of Fiji?
  11. Why?

    Rumour has it that 5 bns may be chopped. We could easily lose one from t Scottish, Kings, Queens, Prince of Wales and Rifles Divisons, good equal division of pain (excluding the Paras, Guards, Gurkhas and Royal Irish).

    As said i the cav thread. The head shed just publish the recruiting figures for the last 5 - 10 years, and start at the bottom. Which ever is the worst recruited bn goes first, then up the chain until we lost enough. These 'keep the x regiment' campagnes are never around to bolster recruiting to said regiment are tey?
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  12. Is Isnath Garth Banks?


    Losing one Bn from 5 is hardly devestating, especially seeing as other regiments will also be losing Bns up and down the country. I find it distasteful that they have wheeled out hte familys of wounded or killed soldiers to add emotional 'weight' to their stand. Including Rose Gentle, yet again.
  13. shocked and appalled, or just shocked?
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator