Scotland v Lichstenstein posties and bus-drivers .....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by regular_imbiber, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Last night I, and a few others who post on here I suspect, put myself through watching the total mince that is the Scotland international association fitba team play a bunch of no-hopers,OAP's and enthusiastic amateurs...

    The result was a 2-1 win for Scotland although the other mob were 1-0 up for quite a while....

    After the match our esteemed manager,Mr Craig Levein, gave us the usual drivel about "3 points being the most important thing" and "we're top of the table" etc...

    Total pish,just as he is. How did he even get the job? He's done the square root of feck all as manager in Scotland and was even worse when he had a spell in England.

    Darren Fletcher has now won 50 caps on the strength of him being on the pay-roll at Manchester Utd but he is crap as last night fully illustrated.

    Levein and the "Tartan Army" fhuds should all attend Hampden before our next game,get down on collective bended knee and grovellingly beg Barry Ferguson to come back and play for us as he is the only ball-retainer we have who is playing at a high level.Paul Hartley should be in midfield before that clown Brown too, while I'm at it.

    I despair,Spain will hump us as we cant even string 5 passes together.

    PS "The Tartan Army"; the reason our fitba has went down the pan.These feckers think that going away in fancy dress and kissing policemen in fountains is more important than the actual result.Cheering the team off the park after every away humping??? Not for this call-sign.

    Rant over.

    For now.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You are Barry Ferguson and I claim my £5.

    I just hope that ******* numpty grade one and all round admin nightmare stays a million miles away from the Scottish team. We were not exactly brialliant under is 'mature' guiding hand. BF is a cnut of the first order, but you perceive me as being slightly biased (but I do not support that other weegie team in green) against BF - but that would be to misunderstand me and where I am coming from. I am not slightly biased - I totally dispise the cnut.

    Scotland are pish just now - fact, live with it and move on.
  3. Support England instead. At least you'll be disappointed in the finals of all major competitions rather than in qualifying!
  4. Ok then Auld-Yin,lets concentrate on Barry Ferguson only and ignore my other salient points....

    We never have been brilliant but Scotland with Ferguson in the team,were a far stronger unit than they are now.

    Ferguson is playing in the EPL and getting Man of The Match awards week in,week out but hey,lets not pick him for Scotland because it might upset one or two diddie team supporters? Thats just great and a marvellous use of our very limited resources.

    Ferguson was only ever a target because of his then club team, and lets not kid ourelves on that theres any other reason.

    Who has come in and filled his boots? Who could dictate a match like Ferguson? For Scotland? No-one,look at our results since his ridiculous ban....

    PS Regarding his ban... why did all the culprits at Cameron House not get censured? It was only players from a certain club as usual.
  5. Barry Ferguson dictate am match! Midfield genital.
  6. Yes indeed as their 2-2 draw with the Faroe Islands shows
  7. It wasn't so much the dire performance by the round-ball fraternity that got my goat, it was Craig Levein setting expectations at his press conference that Scotland would not -as indeed they did not - score a hatful of goals. moreover the nyaff had the gall to suggest that scoring goals was not the true measure of a football team's quality. What is then, Craigie? The number of its members who are in the pages of the NOTW for whoring perhaps?

    Bad enough to be 1-0 down and just about drag ourselves back into the game but to have to rely on Steve McManus' goal-scoring capabilities for a get out of gaol free card...or is lichtenstein a new power in european football?? FFS, i know families in glasgow that can call on a wider catchment of players than the Grand duchy!
  8. Mmmmm.........

    England draw 2-2 with a lesser team at home, their star player scores the second goal and is lauded as a hero: England v Greece,Old Trafford 2001

    Scotland draw 2-2 with a lesser team away from home, their star player scores the second goal and is rounded on by fans of other club teams: Faroe Islands v Scotland,Toftir,September 2002

    Scotland; wha' like us indeed.
  9. The Faroe Islands RI...Lichtenstein RI.

    Population of the Faroes - 48,500

    Population of Lichtenstein - 35,000

    Population of Scotland - 5.2 million

    FFS - the duchy of Lichtenstein has a population equivalent to bloody Falkirk and we can still only just beat them. Ferguson, miller or the bloke who plays for your pub side on sunday morning? It is immaterial! We're getting gubbed even in victory and Levein and Co cannot see it.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Regular-Imbiber, may I suggest that you cut down the imbibing :)

    Regardless of BF, one man does not make a team, but one man can ruin it. In my humble opinion BF did the best to wreck Scotland's chances in the latter stages of his career. He had come to believe the publicity he read and thought that he was actually a good player.

    I believe that he was asked by Levein if he wanted to return to the Scotland national team but turned it down. Probably the first wise move the man has ever made.

    Now getting back to the Scottish team - they are terrible and we all know it. That does not stop us supporting and wishing for better games. A winner after 7 minutes of extra time - we are starting to sound like Man U, pity we can't play like them!! :)
  11. My bold. Do you not mean "as always" ?
  12. As soon as the OF f*ck off to England, the standard of Scottish football will improve and the Scotland manager will have more to chose from than just huns and tims.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You, my dear, are obviously far too young to remember the glorious game of 20th April 1967 at Webley Stadium, London. A game where Denis Law was left furious with Jim Baxter as DL wanted to score loads of goals against the Auld Enemy, but JB just wanted to play keepie up, and taunt the English players. :-D

    I have a dvd of the game should you wish to watch the beautiful game as it should be played :)

    The final score World Cup holders 2 : Scotland 3

    So in answer to your question - No, not always. And before the Englerlish start on about it being 1967, I will stop banging on about this game when you lot stop banging on about the cup you cheated your way to in 1966 :winkrazz:

    I theng yeow.
  14. Nonsense, they'll just pick the B-list huns and Tims from Embro! I do not think, looking at the Scotland squad rationally rather than through the diseased eyes of an - I assume - Aberdeen supporter, that "tims" and "Huns" are the issue. It's a wee bit more fundamental than that. As Craigie's satisfaction with the Lichtenstein result shows...

    As for Evil Adjutant's claim that Scotland are pish as always, well that's broadly true. Apart from 1967. Remind me of that scoreline again please?
  15. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This will cheer the two of you up: