Scotland v Ireland

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cuddles, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Well that was encouraging. We appear to have the rudiments of a back division at last. The pack frionted up too although that was always a question of when not if. The nine weeks training camp in lieu of summer tour seems to have been a good thing.

    I hope citing is being considered considering the shameful assault on Simon Taylor.
  2. What a show though, brilliant. I thought they were going to do their usual in the 2nd 1/2 though, they know how to put your BP thru the roof. A good solid performance. Still need to work on the re start after the break though. Passing was spectacular, very southern hemisphereish.
    Hopefully well have a good World Cup run.
  3. Can i just say, that to coin a phrase and bearing in mind the fact that the jocks were told they didnt stand a cat in hells chance of winning.. gon yersels ya wee dancers..thank you i feel much better for that..
  4. Yes, a good solid run is what I hope for too. I don't mind being dumped out by one of the fancied teams, providing we ruin them for their next round by the quality of our performance (like NZ in 1999!).
  5. Im only supporting 2 teams in the world cup this time though. Scotland and everyone England plays.
  6. That's the kind of attitude that gets Scots a bad England!!
  7. You, clearly need to check your sense of humour guage mate.
  8. Erm...I think it is your "guage" that is u/s pal. Or do you think irony is something for pressing your shirty?? :twisted:
  9. nice 1. Listen im more interested in the rugby than a slagging match, lets just look fwd to the World Cup with a beer in hand. By the way I have a boy to press my shirty etc..
  10. Sorry, did you say something only I was concentrating on the rugby! Nae bother, my cunning master plan to be self-employed during world cups and Lions tours is once again successful. I do not anticipate missing a single game. Although sadly the only actual match attendance is going to be Ireland v Georgia in Bordeaux. Why you ask? Because it is the cheapest and most available ticket! In a town renowned for food and wine. What is not to like??
  11. Of course the pack fronted up, they were 3kg per man heavier, and I don't think that was all in the pies they had for breakfast! We evened the pack weights in one fell swoop by bringing on the big yin Hayes in the second half.

    I don't like to see the Irish lose but it's not too bad when they put on a respectable display and were simply out played by a more cohesive team. Still If we had the full team on I believe the scores would have been tighter. Flannerys throwning was terrible and Boss although able to tackle thrice better than Stringer did lob the odd grass cutter when under pressure. As for the for the rest of the forwards let me tell you what they say in Limerick, "Even superman has a pair of Paul O' Connell pyjamas!" That man along with Dennis Hickie will be the Godfathers to my kids!!

    A good match to watch in the pub, good for Scotland and encouraging for Ireland.
  12. There are a couple of matches being played at Murray field and at the millenium stad in Wales, any tickets for that still?
  13. Scotland v.Romania is supposedly available at between £43-£9. However it kicks off at 2100 and so even if I get the afternoon flight up, I'll probably be stotious by kick-off! So I'll be watching FTCOMOS. Fiji-Canada at Cardiff comes in between £51-£10 but the transport is pooh on a Sunday from the SW to Cardiff. I would probably end up driving and a day at the international on tea, bovril and lemonade is pretty pants!
  14. If you speak nicely, and can sort out transort, you could get a couple of tickets for the Italy and Portugal games in St Etienne at a very reasonable "below face value" sort of price :wink: