Scotland, top of their group!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Who would have thought it??

    That was an unbelievable result last night, pure magic!
  2. swallow doesn't make a summer but well done ayway.

    World Cup

    Appearances 8 (First in 1954)
    Best result Round 1, all

    European Championship

    Appearances 2 (First in 1992)
    Best result Round 1, all
  3. "Amazing"

    It brings a tear to my eye every time i see mcfaddens goal.

    A friend was telling me the other day that france have only lost 3 in thier last 52 games, once against Italy in the world cup final and twice against SCOTLAND. How good is that.

    Looking at things an other way we have taken six points off of France, if not we would be on 15 points and France would be running away with it.

    Whatever happens at the end of the group stages i can't wait to buy the DVD, "THE ROAD TO EUROPE", or something like that.
  4. As a half Italian I shouldn’t say that……… :D ….but holy cat that was AWESOME!!! Simply DIVINE!!!!

    It would be so f**** great if both of them would do it…….

    He la France…………..prrrrrrr! :party: :dance:
  5. About bloody time..i was beginning to loose the faith.
  6. Lose it instead :D
  7. Who'd have thought it?

    Scotland ahead of the Faroe Islands?
  8. Sorry Trev. would "i wis near lossin it", be better
  9. Fookin Great