Scotland the blubbery?

Mmm just put me right in the mood for deep fried pizza and a haggis supper, with a fried mars bar for afters of course.


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Steven said:
Seems the Jocks are overdoing the deep fry everything in batter school of cookery.

Scotland has the second highest level of obesity in the developed world, official statistics show.

Only America has a higher percentage of overweight adults,
Thats a hell of an arse on that woman. I could climb in and lose myself for hourse, just exploring and having fun!
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Scotland has always had the highest level of heart attack/stroke victims in Britain - not complaining about that, you understand- and it seems to be getting worse.
I've put on weight since moving up here. Thou I think it's more to do with the beer than the deep fried food - Yuuuuuccckkkkk! :dead:


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A diet of salt, sugar, saturated fat and alcohol with blue pop for the weens.

But you cant beat floating haggis and chips on 8 pints of Duchars every now and then. And them little triangular deep fried Indian things the sell in chip shops in Glasgy... Not Pokharas... sounds like Pokharas...
Oi, Snake, where did you manage to get hold of a picture of Artemis?

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