Scotland started World War One!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by cernunnos, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I think we should be told the truth about world war one. It was started by a Scot.
    The little boy pictured, in the attachment, in 1863 with his dad.
    He was miffed about his Grans funeral and this was the reason for his leading Germany into a terrible war of attrition.

    Never turn your back on a kilted savage!

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  2. B_AND_T

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  3. Och aye-The Kaiser
  4. Well spotted, yes it is he! Looks harmless enough in the pic.
    Willhelm von Hohenzollern, Holy Roman Emperor (Deutsches Reich) was the poisonous little Jock in question, pictured in his Grans back yard at Balmoral with his dad the prince of Prussia.
  5. Apparently Karl Marx was a cousin of the Duchess of Argyll...
  6. No...
  7. I thought Karl Marx WAS the Duchess of Argyll.
  8. I'll bring John Brown in...
  9. Judging from your avatar, your still pissed at him for sacking you.
  10. Another little known fact.

    Though probably best forgotten.
  11. Och-tung the noo spitfeuer!

    Surely that gillie is Werner von Braun?
  12. You'll get a rocket for saying that.
  13. Come on, Cuddles - get the chronology right. Spitfires & Dr von Braun didn't make an appearance until WWII.
    Funny line, though.
  14. Don't get edgy with me Cliff...och-tung Sopwith Camel if you prefer!
  15. Expanding on the theme - a remarkable number of German prisoners-of-war were employed on local farms in Scotland. I can recall seeing a television interview of one who married a local girl & settled in the country. I'm not kidding you - he had a perfect Scottish accent! I've no doubt the locals could pick him, but you or I couldn't. It seems the gutturals of the German & Scottish speech patterns have a great deal in common.