Scotland in Late October

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Murielson, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Mrs M and I are heading for Scotland last week in October and interested in recommendations of where to go, what to see/do and what to avoid.

    Fying into Edinburgh, collecting hire car and have the day and night there before moving on to wherever. Not necessarily restricted by distance but will be visiting Mrs M's relatives around Fort William and Glencoe at some stage.

    Realise it will probably be somewhat cold and wet etc but we know that and will be equipped accordingly. We are in Travelodge for the first night but after that are open to recommendations.

    I'm certain that there are plenty on here with recommendations on what is good and bad. Links to sites with good info would also be appreciated.
  2. Dollar is pretty at this time of year,the trees round the castle are lovely in autumn!
  3. Nairn is beautiful, has stunning beach and conservation area, the golf course is highly recommended too................if not your style there is lovely walks and the marina is pretty,

    Couple of miles down the road towards Inverness is Cawdor Castle............stunning , beautiful gardens.
    Not far from there is Culloden Moor and visitor centre, has stunning views and you can walk around the area and soak up the history, the visitor centre is a must ................myself and my son's loved it and the cafe and gift shop was good too.

    If you look for signs nearish Culloden there is a hidden gem...........stunning and spooky stone circles and cairns hidden near a wood and next to a railway bridge that featured in the Harry Potter movies.

    Umm Fort George is interesting too .

    If your looking for fabulous scenery then head to Ballater and the Braemar area, lots of castles and history, good food, fantastic scenery and walks especially The Seven Bridges Walk around Ballater, head to loch muick if you can..............the deer will be getting fed soon, they come down from the hills.................stunning sight.

    Visit Knock Castle, it's in ruins but history and scenery lovely but sad.

    Well hope this helps......................enjoy your holiday.
  4. grantown on spey.........its like going back in time.....look for holmhill house bandb and the craig bar for beer
  5. Bump - interested in any input from those who had something better to do yesterday than be on ARRSE.
  6. Try the oban area, look at clancottages & mellow melfort on the net, great places lots to see.
  7. Edinburgh to Stirling and Ballquidder to see Rob Roys Grave ,across Rannoch moor to Glencoe( Inverriggen house is in the woods next campsite) and Fort William up Great Glen passing the Commando Memorial to Inverness, Collodan ,Fort George and then fish and chips on the beach at Nairn. back over the Cairngormes to Edinburgh job done
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What is the point of going to Scotland unless you intend to climb mountains or blast wildlife out to the sky?
    Or even combine a bit of both by sending expanding bullets through Bambi's descendants chest cavities...........
  9. Oh what a great itinerary. Stop in at the king's house though after Rannoch - for a bit to eat and the beautiful picture window view onto the Buchaille Etive Mor!

    Oh my heart is in the highlands, unlike my bank balance which in dire straits - so we won't be takin any high or low roads for a while!
  10. Union Street in Aberdeen is always very scenic, or how about Invergordon nice in the late season.
  11. Jock Arrse Crawl - Edinburgh, Sat 31st October for starters?? :D :D
  12. Sounds good to me Tropper.

    A few points.

    Nairn is full of 'Wee Neds' and while it is beautiful, they are not. It also has a good Indian restaurant that is usually so quiet, the owner will sit with you and chat (incessantly) while you try and eat your meal. There is a guest house in Nairn run by two blokes and they take it in turn to do the cooking as well as in the bedroom. A nice breakfast and they both really know what to do with a sausage.

    Fort William while stunning is the drugs capital of the Highlands so watch out for more of the 'Wee Neds' as they're usually on something and I don't mean a scooter. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill close to the town sells beautiful genuine Highland fleeces (made in Indonesia) and you can't move in the shop for shortbread tins. Ben Nevis is closeby, unless of course the Tourist Board have moved it nearer to Glasgow.

    Inverness is of course a city and (surprise surprise) is full of 'Wee Neds' but of the city variety. Anybody looking vaguely like a 'Teuchter' is invariably Dutch as the city is bunged full of them and the fact there isn't a van Hooijdonk tartan doesn't seem to put them off.

    Culloden is close by and now boasts a new visitor centre where you can rub shoulders with Jacobite Walts and Mr and Mrs Kowalski from Minnesota as they're trying to trace their roots.

    Aviemore is close by but far enough not to bother with. Really just a Butlins built on a slope. The wildlife park in Kingussie is just down the road and has a variety of animals including a dead racoon and a pack of wolves. It tends to be closed more times than it's open which probably means they're burying yet another dead racoon.

    Loch Ness is a large body of water that everybody stares at and nobody sees a monster apart from on clear days (laughs!) when you might catch your own reflection. The shores of the loch are populated by Monster Walts and some have seen it and some have not so they just lie about it.

    The road to Mallaig is stunningly beautiful apart from the washing machines thrown into a gorge and you pass the beach that was used in the fillum Local Hero. Once in Mallaig unless you're catching a ferry just turn round and drive back again as there's sod all there. There is a sealife aquarium centre there but sorry, I prefer my fish battered.
  13. Thank you for the Tourist Board "Official" view there.

    One of the funniest descriptions I've read in ages - but oh so close to the truth!!

    :D :D

    You forgot to mention the Midges...
  14. Should (just) be ok in late October?
  15. Dinny put money on it.

    edited to add; they survived the Ice Age; October is a doddle for them.