Scotland gets to provide special service for the Olympics.

Bit of a none story really but it seems to have caused a bit of a stir round these parts. Seems that Prestwick has been earmarked as the destination for any aircraft suspected of containing terrorists during the Olympics.

The likes of Salmond is jumping up and down shouting "No fair wee man" but Prestwick has ALWAYS been earmarked to receive aircraft in a threatening situation. Stanstead is the only other airport with the facilities for this, and naturally this can't be used because its going to be a tad busy during the games.

Terrorist air threats will be diverted to Scotland during Olympics
Land the buggers on Machrihanish, now Campbeltown and let them sort it out amongst themselves. By the time they have walked off the runway the bad guys wont be in the mood for mischief.
Might just work 2/51, that is if the lads on the firing point are up to the job! Plenty space in that danger area to keep a few large aircraft orbiting about until those on Rangehead do their bit.

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