Scotland could have got to Quarter Finals claim

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by box-of-frogs, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Oh how i laughed. Yes, England were shocking, but this bloke is in cloud cuckoo land!

    Beeb Linky on mad Jock

    Watch and shoot....
  2. "Craig Brown thinks Scotland would have progressed at least as far as England at the World Cup if they had qualified for the finals this summer."

    I think he has identified the major flaw in his supposition.
  3. I would tread very carefully my friend. I don't think the Heathens, Druids and Leprechauns have actually noticed how f*cking sh*t we were.

    Yes, it is a bold statement but, no bolder than the drivel us England fans were spouting about actually doing well this time.

    If we managed to get out of the group stages playing like a bunch of geriatric strangers then there is no reason to think the Scotland couldn't have done the same.

    I actually wish that England had never reached the finals, controversial? Well perhaps but, at least we wouldn't have had to sit through that shower of excretement, hoping that W*nk Lampard might actually have recognised one of his team mates or Matthew 'Woops'-son might some how remember what it was he was taken to f*cking South Africa for (Strangely it wasn't as a Will Young tribute act).

    I seem to vaguely recall starting a thread claiming the world cup was winding the Jocks up. I don't think, even if we had won it, they would be quite as wound up as most of the England fans are now.

    I hang my head in shame and expect......ney, deserve a full on broadside of sarcastic abuse and general p*ss taking.
  4. It would be doubtful that Scotland could get through to the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup!
  5. Your racist comments on here are very very offensive indeed,you are purely jealous because it's accepted when we wear our skirt's
  6. I think the key phrase here is "if they had qualified", they didn't end of.

  7. As a Scotsman I have to agree................what a stupid bloody statement to make. Its almost as stupid as all you cnuts saying that England were going to win the world cup!!! 8O
  8. :rofl: Shocking? Mate, I don't know if you actually watched any of your three matches, but you weren't even that good.

    Never mind least you qualified eh? :rofl:
  9. Exactly:

    "Oyibo thinks England would have won the World Cup if they had got to the final this summer."
  10. Would we do that to you :twisted:
  11. F*ck off! :D
  12. Fu cks sake don't be such a guilt whore. Remember, English is best - and we even excel at being shit at football. Take pride in the nations achievement (or lack thereof). :wink:
  13. Yes we fcuking do, we just don't whinge about it like you Xtian types.
  14. We are much more shitier at wendyball than you :D
  15. Loser :muhaha: