Scotchland Chaps.

Is it true that coastal wildfowling in Jockistan is more or less a free for for all?

If not, was it ever?
Certainly is on the West coast, between the highwater and lowwater (mean). Pretty sure it is throughout Scotland, providing you do not wander into areas such as SSSI's or the like. A fair amount of my wildfowling is actually done off boats over deeper water or on the Machair when culling.

Edit to add:
Okaaay.. Ta.

Hmm. Wonder how Stena feel about Sec.1 shotties? :)
There are also permits available to shoot on Local Nature Reserves ( Perhaps too late for this season )
Taking firearms on ferries you are supposed to inform the purser (MCA requirement apparently). I certainly do not know of anyone who ever does, either carrying them on as foot passengers or in vehicles. I have been asked once if there was a firearm in the box and simply said it was expensive tools. Not strictly a porky as my firearms are tools of the trade when on control duties.
I do recall coming back from Bisley and being stopped at the gate in Liverpool (It was still Liverpool, not Birkenhead)

"Do you have any weapons or ammunition in the car Sir?"

"Yup, There's half a dozen L42's under the back seat and a couple of thousand rounds of 7.62 wrapped up in the big tent in the boot"

"Don't take the piss Sir, we have to ask!"

He asked. I was honest.


Not sure if a section 1 would be kosher wildlife and countryside act I believe unless its pest control and then only woodpigeons, Canada Geese despite being on the all year list are still protected from section 1 users sadly oh and from solid shot too!
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