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Scotch Eggs.

Help! I need advice, I am teaching Chef minor to make Scotch eggs, no probs there, but Mrs Chef wants some to be baked rather than deep fried, as she wants the healthy option.

I have heard of this strange practice, but never tried it myself.

What timings and temps should I be looking at?
Probably worth doing the same as you'd do meatballs, or a little less time in the oven as the centre is already cooked. May even be worth doing them in a roasting tin and making a sauce with the juices.
Mrs Nig bakes them in a baking dish, fanforced oven 180" for 25 mins, she uses fine pork mince instead of sausage meat, varies the seasoning , try adding parmesan cheese to the meat, a great cold snack !!
Got the mind working now. Scotch egg with a dollop of ketchup and wrapped in bread dough, baked for 20 minutes or so. That should do the trick. Bung a couple of those in your lunch pail with a bottle of Nuclear Broon and you're good to go.


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you could baste the eggs to make them crispy :)

they are tastier fried I have to agree, an addition of black pudding to the mix does work after a fashion as does fine chopped onion

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