Scotch eggs with Baked beans in them?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by ex_donkey_man, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. One of the lads at work has just offered me a Scotch egg - not a big fan. But I'm sure years ago (well mid 90's time) we used to have (Via the army poisoning farm / cookhouse) like Scotch eggs, with baked beans in the middle instead of egg and more to the point, I'm positive we had them on a tour of Bosnia.

    Does anyone remember these, or am I crazy? If there are real (please be) where can I get my hands on some???


    One hungary EDM
  2. Only thing similar I've seen is those tins of "All Day Breakfast", with mushrooms, bacon bits, sausages & a couple of those mini snack eggs in them.

    Edit to add, these jobs:

  3. Scotch Beans? Hmmm, never indulged in (or even seen) this culinary delight. I am partial to the odd Scotch Egg though. Yummers!
  4. I'm sure it was called a beano
  5. Always been a scotch egg fan - especially with beans. The army has always cooked scotch eggs WITH beans, although it was always an egg inside.
  6. Yeah I remember as a kid getting beans in a sausage and bread crumb outer from the chippie we called it a " beano" also they did one witch was minced beef and onion with a mash potato outer with bread crumbs call a sheppy
  7. Egg Beano - Slice of toast, mashed potato piped around the edge, centre filled with beans and a fried egg on top
  8. A beano was as follows, beans inside a spam fritter, encased in batter.
    From the chip van near Combermere barracks. Bliss after a night on the razz.
  9. Sounds a bit healthy with all that veg. An early attempt at five-a-day :wink:
  10. Heinz used to make Baked Bean Rounders, they were the same as what you're talking about. Not made anymore but I've been informed there is a knock off version made by Iceland.
  11. Hate to think what goes into those so they can knock them out for a quid a dozen.
  12. Cheers Panzer - I'l try that or googling Beano's. Otherwise I'll have to have a shot at making them myself!
  13. I can remember them and funnily enough I had them in Bosnia too. From what I remember they were extremely delicious as was all the grub we had out there thanks to a very talented alcoholic chef we had. Also had them in Scotland and again they were very nice.
  14. They're lush, I'd rub them on my bell end if it wasn't for the ridiculously hot beans.

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