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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cuddles, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. No, this isn't a mis-posting destined for the QMs. It is a warning to those of us who use excessive amounts of spicy foodstuff as soon as the mem departs on a girlie weekend away.

    Now the scotch bonnet pepper is reknowned for its role in producing Encona sauces and jerk dishes. I myself this very day bought 3 in an ethnic store in Bristol. Why 3? Because one is too few, 4 would be insanity. In fact, as the mate who is coming tomorrow for a jerk goat thing is a novice on SBs, I opted for using one. After all with the other hot ingredients, I don't want to take any chances. He is after all left with sole care of a nine month old baby.

    So I go through the preparation of the marinade (stage 1) and having sealed the goat, garlic, onion and sb, Jamaican jerk mix and dash of rum in a lead container, duly place it in the fridge. Then I wash my hands. Thoroughly. Using soap, a nail brush and hot and cold water.

    Then I eat my tea. Drink a couple of brewskis. Go for a pee. Je-he-soos H. Fecking Cherriiist!

    I am only now, some two hours later recovering feeling in the area that should be most sensitive of all. I feel as if a highly sophisticated Ralgex-Air Explosive has been Paveway-ed onto my beller.

    So I offer this warning. I knew what I waas dealing with. I took full precautions. I carried out personal Jamaican cooking Decontamination drills. I still got SB-ed. For heaven's sake people, be careful out there...

    I am still looking forward to the Jerk goat, plantains and rice and peas mind you...and the Dragon stouts and Red Stripes which are immersed in liquid nitrogen at present, to provide the ultimate counter-measure. Loo roll will be in the freezer from noon tomorrow.

    For those inspired by this tale, stage 2 requires the addition of lime juice and coconut milk, in order to keep the dish in line with various UN treaties on chemical warfare.
  2. Mmmmmm Encona sauce :hungry:
  3. No, Encona is for poofs! Try and get hold of some Baron...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Actually Encona is good too...all of its muckle varieties but Baron is the VSOP of Carib hot sauces.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    I think you have just added a new dimension to MDN's perversions :drool:
  5. I get the same but more pleasurable feeling from the mint showergel currently on 1 for 1 in tescos :D
  6. Folks I have to reiterate Cuddles' warning about these innocuous looking devil-plants.

    when I was working in St Anns (JA) I helped out preparing jerk fish, and was surprised with the eagerness that everyone let me deal with the chillies (SBs). Over many Red-Stripes, the meal was prepared, the fish was set to marinade , and then after a quick wash of my hands (no scrubbing for me!)I went to change my contact lenses....

    Imagine all the pain Cuddles reported from his Jap's eye, but focussed in your right eye.... It felt like someone had put a hot coal in the eye socket...

    My eye swelled up, pisshed tears like a holy statue and my Jamaican friends had the time of their lives laughing their arrses off at the stupid
    Englishman.... I couldn't dive for the best part of a week... Not the cleverest thing I've ever done. :x
  7. For next time?

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  8. Oh how I recall stir frying chillies as part of some student lash up fried rice meal many years ago. The resulting smoke from the pan was pretty much the same as pepper spray. I had to shut the door on the kitchen and go to find my S6 before I could go back in!
  9. When preparing chillies, a good tip is to coat your hands with vegetable oil. After preparing, wash with a good hand wash and you should be ok.
  10. Just get some sugical gloves. Use and throw away.

    They come in handy for all sorts of other "activities" as well.
  11. I managed that once in a Mexican restaurant in Richmond. The food arrived on one of those 'sizzling' cast iron platters and had been garnished with jalapenos. I didn't fancy eating them that night so took them off the top of my grub and put them on the side of the platter that was still very much sizzling. I cleared half the restaurant!
  12. Scotch Bonnets are the business. Will be conducting my own experiments this weekend on making a new sauce, provisonally called "broadside" to invoke the fire and heat , and of course as a tribute to the days Nelson's Navy roamed the Caribbean at will.

    Try them pickled in malt or wine vinegar, delicioso , and not for p*ssies who weep at a madras.

    Oh and as regards delicate bits warnings, I understand it is not advisable to engage in oral sex immediately after consumption, unless she's a bit kinky like that.
  13. Or for some time afterwards. Top tip, keep a large pot of yoghurt in the fridge in case of accidents. Something to do with the fats in dairy products neutralising the pepper-chemical-thingy.

    And, you get to lick it off a bit after for some much-needed out of the doghouse points. Once you've decontaminated yourself, obviously.
  14. Let the whore burn...