Scot Dieke refuses to sing National Anthem

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Is that male or female??
  2. Their choice.
    Tell them to pack their bags and fuck off home and watch the rest of the Olympics on the telly.
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  3. Thats somebody born in the USA to Nigerian parents getting all precious about being Scottish.
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  4. Riiiiiiiight.
  5. Registers on the give-a-fuck-o-meter about as much as Big Brother to be honest.

    However despite usual Daily Mail sensationalist terminology, if this really does bring about feelings of "rage", "anger" & "huge offence" then good stuff, the thought of people actually apoplectic with incandescent fury while reading about this shit gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
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  6. It's because it's Nigerian, and too lazy to sing.
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  7. When was it made compulsary to sing it?

    Great how the Daily &*%l start a story with "Fury as..." and then everyone jumps on board
  8. Not sure thats the point.

    Personally I think its odd that some people want the chance for Olympic glory enough to overide their apparent dislike of the United Kingdom.

    There are no teams for Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland. There is a British team. Why compete for Britain under the British flag if the concept of being British offends you?
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  9. I thought "God Save The Queen" was a British tune and not specifically English as such?
    Hence why various other England Teams sing different songs when competing in the Commonwealth games or Cricket. Is this just a case of Individuals refusing to sing the song because its become most associated in sport with the England Footie side?
  10. It doesn't offend me at all. How many other team members from the other team were not singing their National Anthem, I noticed a few, or is it that just because they are NOT British that doesn't matter.
  11. Wiki says;
    Ifeoma Dieke (born 25 February 1981) is an American–born, Scottish football defender, currently playing for Vittsjö GIK of the Swedish Damallsvenskan. She is a member of the Scotland women's national football team. Dieke was born in Amherst, Massachusetts to Nigerian parents. She moved to Cumbernauld in Scotland when she was three years old.[1]

    I'd have thought she(?) would be American? Probably not good enough for their team.

  12. From the Whale

    She qualified to play for the USA, the gold medal favourites, but rejected their overtures eight years ago in favour of the country where she was brought up.
  13. You just answered my next question.
  14. So 'Chippy Jock' is a disease you can catch by living north of the border?
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