Scorpion tank.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by noliveroundsemptycasespr, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. What ever happened to the Scorpion tank?In my humble oppinion it would seem to be just the job for Afghanistan fire support etc.
  2. Tank ? You meant CVRT ?
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The Botswanans, Micks and Philipines still use them, I thinks some are still used at BATUS for training purposes: British Company Repaircraft PLC bought a job lot and set about a an upgrade program called Scorpion 2000 for Peacekeeping roles
  4. 76mm gun ist no more..

    As is the factory that made the ammo. No way to start up the line and nobody else manufacturing/using it..

    However - something else, much better is coming down the pipeline..(we hope...)

    CTA 40mm Canon Information | Think Defence
  5. Helston gunsmiths in Cornwall bought all the New Zealand scorps with all the spares stock as well.
  6. Scimitar CRV(T) is used in Afghanistan
  7. My favourite the L33 canister round, 799 steel pellets travelling at 500 metres per second. ^^
  8. Okay that's a fair one,only ever sat in a Scorpion once, I definetly prefered my Chally 1!Anyway lads thanks a lot for your info much appreciated.
  9. Yea - but only for 200m

    (and the joy of the chase from the ASM for facking up one of his barrels..)
  10. There was also a lot of problems with people getting chest complaints. I know there was a system where if you did one gun camp on them and went sick once in three years after that there was an automatic payout (Think about £2,000) for it.
  11. Yes, maybe it would have been better firing a blank round and filling the barrel with compo boiled sweets ;-)

    Out of interest HE117 What exactly was the 'de-copperising' round?
  12. heres a go,
    fox turret, scorpion hull = sabre,
    due to asbestos matt in 76mm round and no turret ventalation = bad chest,

    hang me high if iam wrong
  13. p.s also problems with exfoliation, of alu-alloy, due to water ,i.e over washing with high pressure water jets, and water getting into bottom of hull, alumin. turns powdery whem left in a wet condition,
  14. Bollocks, or perhaps I should stop using all those ali cooking pans?
  15. What exactly was the 'de-copperising' round?
    Large calibre ammunition use copper in the driving bands to engage in the barrel rifling to provide spin on the projectile. Some of the copper adheres to the rifling when the projectile is fired. More builds up after each round, and affects ballistics / gun pressures, so every so often a decoppering round has to be fired. The projectile can be the same, but a decoppering agent (metallic lead is commonly used) is added to the propelling charge. The lead causes the copper to become brittle, and the propelling gases / next round sweeps the copper out of the barrel. Many charges of more modern design include decoppering agents within the build and the barrel is cleaned after every round.