Scores killed in Iraq bomb attack


At least 51 people have been killed in a car bomb explosion outside a police station in Iraq, exactly one month after the transfer of sovereignty.
Witnesses said a suicide bomber drove a car into a crowded market area, as men queued to join the police.

Dozens of people were also injured in the morning attack in Baquba, 65km (40 miles) north-east of Baghdad.

More than 160 Iraqis have been killed in attacks since the interim Iraqi government took power on 28 June.

Casualties were also reported elsewhere in Iraq, in separate attacks and fighting between troops and insurgents.
If it was on the news rather than a MNF/C-I press release then scale that back a bit. The media only want/print the bad news.

If you don't believe me keep following the story and see how quickly the scores fall to around 1 score with 15 injured.

Health warning: I have only ever read the editorials, letters and opinions since the press did a spin job on something I said :evil: . Then you know that what you are reading is the opinion of the writer and not just a possible truth!

Welcome to Arrse. If you read enough of the threads on current affairs, I think you'll find we reached that conclusion long ago!

Still, we did help get a Red Top editor chopped :D

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