Scores killed in Basra bombings


Scores killed in Basra bombings

The rush-hour explosions caused panic across Basra
A series of bomb attacks in the Basra area of southern Iraq has killed at least 68 people and injured many more.
The first bombings occurred outside three police stations in Basra city centre during Wednesday's morning rush hour.

Many of the dead and injured were children travelling in passing buses on their way to school.

A fourth attack south of Basra is said to have killed three Iraqis and wounded four UK soldiers.
Elsewhere in Iraq, the restive central city of Falluja has seen fresh clashes between Iraqi insurgents and US troops.

Most of the victims in Basra died in what the mayor of the city described as suicide car bombings.

Two police stations in the Ashar district and one in the Old City were hit in near-simultaneous attacks
"...UK soldiers who tried to assist casualties were stoned by protesters who blamed the British for failing to provide security..."

Stupid stupid stupid bastards. I hope they rot in hell
I personally think the whole region is going to implode in the not to distant future.
From Reuters a few moments ago:

Ten killed, dozens wounded by Saudi car bomb
Wed 21 April, 2004 13:23

RIYADH (Reuters) - At least ten people have been killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb explosion that targeted a government security building in the Saudi capital Riyadh, witnesses say.
They said they saw 10 people killed and dozens of wounded being carried into ambulances. The blast wrecked a government building housing Saudi security forces.

There is unrest between rival ethnic groups in just about every nation in the middle east. This is just a good old fashioned power struggle. If they want to spend a few years killing each other who are we to try and stop them. They clearly don’t appreciate the help we are giving as has been demonstrated by the stoning of soldiers trying to help, I have to ask then why soldiers are dying to save those who it seems don’t want to be saved. Let’s face it 100 years or so ago we were doing the same to each other in Europe. Problem is countries like Pakistan have nukes and if the complete nutters and meglamaniacs like Sadr get hold of them….well it just leaves the question of whether it is London or Washington first?

What the answer is I don't really know. Does anybody?
A lot of the ' unwashed ' have been labelling this a ' new Viet Nam ' but, to me, it looks more like the death throes of the former Soviet Union and its satellites [ Nicolae Causecue{sp?} - anyone? ]..

For years the tribal and ethnic factions were suppressed, oppressed and repressed under Saddam and his ilk and now, freed from the overpowering government the Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and Whey are jockeying for positions of power..

Let's face reality.. If the US really wanted to grant Iraq a " free and Democratic " government.. then open elections would have the Shiites voted in in a flash as they make up 60 % of the population and in any ' first past the post ' voting they'd be the ruling party and would start ' redressing inequalities ' at the expense of the Baathist rump, the Sunnis and, for sure the Kurds..who really want to separate and form their own country out of parts of Iraq and Turkey...

same scenario is happening in the Rwanda aftermath between Hutu and Tutsi.. the Sudan and Ethiopia and, it goes without saying Bosnia/Kosovo/ Former Yugoslavia..

If we were all rational and unemotional beings we'd ring the damn countries with UN enforcers, no one in or out, total embargo, and let them slaughter each other until they exhausted themselves and realised that they better kiss and make up or there will be no one left and the Rest of the World will inherit some prime real estate and, oh, yeah.. all their oil, gas, and resources..

just a thought.. not bleeding heart PC thinking of course, but phukit
I felt the Riyadh explosion, which seems to have demolished a building at the Ministry of the Interior. Interesting change of tactics for the local bad guys, in that it wasn't against a Western compound (althought the last major attack was against a mixed compound); it was in daylight and at an organ of the Saudi government - a direct attack against the Royal family. Americans are pulling out of Saudi in large numbers now, led by the remaining dependants from their Embassy (the staff there started receiving an additional net 20% of their salary as 'danger money' from three days ago). Wish I was a spam.
Remember what the aims of AQ are. Toppling the house of Saud and regaining control of the holy cities of the middle east. They don't give a toss about the Americans or Europeans, they are just minor obstacles in the way and anything that AQ can do to drive a wedge between the West and Islam, they will do. Indeed, the Americans are doing their work for them!

Seems like AQ have a better grasp of the principles of war than Dubya or Bliar!
Very true. With a large slice of good fortune, the well-publicised exodus of US workers from Saudi might have the effect of displacing the attacks from residential compounds to the organs of government. Sorry about that, guys.

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