Scope for discipline if required?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by brian123, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. A TA soldier acted terribly at a military function as a guest of someone else. Towards the end he was loud and swearing in the smoking area and offended some female guests (wives of serving soldiers). He wasn't actively being aggressive to anyone, but obnoxious, hitting on the women and generally being a nuisance and an embarrassment.

    He was not there in a military capacity, however what options are open? Would a letter of apology from him suffice or should I get in touch with his unit?
  2. He's a civvy, all you can do is punch his lights out.
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  3. Nut the cnut in the carpark and stop whinging on the internet.

    There's always the 'Bringing into Disrepute' card, never fails but I dont know how that would work with a STAB
  4. Fair one(s).
  5. If he wasn't there in a military capacity, there is **** all you can do. Apart from hit him repeatedly after a word in his shell like.

    You wet lettuce.
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  6. no one snotted him? You spineless bunch of ***** :)
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  7. Eh? So, what option would you seek if a male civilian attended a military function and 'acted terribly' in the above fashion?

    Would you be trying to "get in touch" with his employer?

    If you were so offended, why didn't YOU ask him to simply leave. Hang on, wait wait... I know the answer to that one.

    You were too scared to, you big girls blouse.
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  8. Was his name Camberwell carrot? if so you should of repeatedly kicked **** out of the stupid STAB ****..... Here endeth the lesson....
  9. Would've fitted in perfectly at many military functions I've been to, both TA and regular.
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  10. Did this ******* **** actually create an account on ARRSE just to ask this ******* stupid question? I'm so angry that I'm going to punch the next person I see who's from an ethnic minority.
  11. You've seriously joined this site to bleat about some STAB's behaviour at a function ? You ******* tampon.
    What unit was it ? Did no one there have the cojones to ask him to behave? Where you all hiding in the toilets while he goosed your women ? He was swearing you say ? Hitting on women ? This **** needs stopping before he kills someone
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  12. MSR, Bravo_Bravo or red square, take you pick or preferably a rubber mallet. Less messy or so I've been told!!
  13. Sir,

    Was he also offensive to you?

    (See I didn't put - shove it up your own awwwwwwwwse)
  14. I'm not sure what you think he did wrong.
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  15. Not msr or B-B.. Finger on the pulse!