Scooter culture ARRSE patch

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Kromeriz, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. The idea has arisen of creating a scooter culture ARRSE patch.

    DieHard has come up with some nice ideas on the patch and others have expressed an interest in buying one.

    Certainly, living out here on mi tod and I.d be more than happy to see another Arrser... even on a lammy... Brett!

    How many of us are interested in buying one?
    What type of patch would you like to see?
    Scooter culture embraces, MODS, Skins, soulies, squaddies, etc etc
    Full colour?
    Can we use potato head?
    How much are you prepared to pay?
    If we make a profit, what charity do you want the money to go to?
    Is anyone out in the Far East who could get a printing quote?
    I will get a quote from the Czech Republic as it is good VFM
    Could good or bad CO let us know about tatty head and what they would require for using him with regard to running the site?

  2. Just a quick one, Spudhead is a no-no, thanks to copyright problems. I doubt the COs would mind Mushroomhead though :)
  3. Mushroomhead looks like?


    Do you fancy coughing up for a patch and if so, how much?
  4. 1) See the banner at the top for Mushhead
    2) Going rate is normally around 2-5 quid and all depends on quality and if it looks like a dogs arrse of a job or not.
  5. As Joker said really. Hasbro threw their toys out the pram, so Mr. Potatohead was changed to Mr. Mushroomhead to avoid (bullshit) copyright:


    If anyone needs a Photoshopper, let me know.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if you're going to do something then get it done in the states much cheaper.
  9. This may be of interest of scooterists (is that a word?). It's a program in the making about scooters and th episs taking nutters who ride them :)

    Strange roots | Facebook
  10. Scooters not been out the garage this year mate but just for you! And you forgot to add Manchster baggy/dance music and some lad ride scooters just cause they like them 46481_431432763684_6089767_n.jpg

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  11. Brett
    Understand something
    I carry 20 kilos throughout the day
    Why would I want to push a lammy ever minute?

    I did say though that the patch needs both Lammy and the Iconic Vespa...
  12. Nice SII, Brettarider ^^
  13. Nice pics, well looked after
  14. Haha you never seen it close up one side panel is mangled after it fell off going to Kelso last year.

    Scooter is very reliable re-worked electronic ignition and run on fully syth oil when I done landsend john o groats back in 2006 the only scooter not to finish was a vespa!
  15. One small issue I've found is that patch companies require a minimum order of 100... and I doubt we'll find 100 ARRSE'ers with scooters.

    The only suggestion I've got is that we make a generic ARRSE TRF.



    Unless anyone else can come up with another suggestion?