Scoff, sleep, and dramatic reductions in work capacity

It doesn't take much to push you (or maybe just me) over the edge. I'm running about like a blue-arsed fly at the minute, trying to finish my OU shite while working late..... eating later, and probably less.

Last weekend I just managed the normal workouts, but I was f'kin jiggered, and stinking to high heaven of ammonia - muscle breakdown. Yesterday I tried the 20 minute interval effort on the bike which is usually hard, but my legs flick round, I pi*s sweat, breathe hard, no real problem. Last night I knew instantly I was in trouble, and seven minutes into it I was finished. Every pedal stroke felt like a conscious "weight-training" effort. It was a miracle I lasted the seven minutes.

With an overhead light I look like a (very amateur :) ) bodybuilder - pretty ripped, which is fine and groovy, but jesus, put the system under a little bit of extra pressure in terms of reduced calories and sleep, and a bit more stress........

I dare say if I'd cut the resistance a bit I could have continued, so maybe it's only a 30 watt reduction in power, but unwelcome.
Start drinking heavily!
also if your busy you probably drink less too. look at anybody whos really into their phys and i bet they are never without a drink of some kind. iv found through trial and error that if you tamp water it improves everything related to exercise. yeh in training everyone learns its hard to do phys if your not properly hydrated, but if you have a solid intake of water throughout the day after phys aswell you'll feel far less stiff the next day, reduce your risk of illness if it was particularily harrowing or cold/hot.

lactic acid damages muscle fibres, and if your hanging out, it will be left in your muscles after exercise, because lets face it, we're not all pti's, and the fact is, phys can often be a second fiddle. you cant use 'sorry sir, i was doing a 30min warm down, and thats why im late', well not to much success anyway.

a quick stretch in the shower doesnt really cut it, but if you tamp water like its going out of fashion, you'll probably feel better.

if i were you id take some time out from phys mate. you can have nearly a week off without losing any noticable fitness, and you'll come back stronger and fitter because of it. atm you've got most of the signs of being highly overtrained (smelling of ammonia is usually a pretty bad sign). keep on like this and you'll probably end up not being able to sleep properly and being a generally unpleasent individual to live with (more so then the normal belching farting and all round disgusting individual that comprises a normal british soldier).
Just reduce your training right down to a tick-over.

If you stop all together you may not lose any ability in a week but you will start to lose motivation and you'll get used to that nice feeling of not aching.

On days when I normally train but can't I find a VERY gentle circuits session or a 3 miler in between 20 - 30 minutes keeps the dust off without challenging my body too much.

The last thing you want to do is plan to take a few weeks off and then get to that stage where you can't find your PT kit!
Cheers guys, although remember that episode of The Simpsons when Homer and Marge think they are being fitted up for a murder, and it turns out it's a game show. Homer's in the electric chair when Carmen Electra appears, Homer says, "God, I'm so relieved. So very, very relieved...............And angry, so very, very angry..."

I'm just back from another failing nightmare. I've stuffed myself since Friday, went back, and fell apart at the 8 minute point. Then a little thought entered my head - large parts of the gym are cordoned off, they are refurbishing before October (when the animals come back). I turn the pedals on the bike at 92 rpm, "Level 18", I know what speed that equates to, so I never flick through the display. Today I thought, "I wonder if someone's been playing with/maintaining the bikes?" So I flicked through the display to discover I was doing 2.5kph more than normal. They've obviously fixed the calibration as part of the work.

So at one level, I'm relieved, so very relieved......., but angry, so angry.

They wouldn't f*ck about with the weights without telling you, but they'll happily alter the settings on cardio stuff and leave you to find out, because the fuds who make the adjustments can't begin to imagine why it might matter.

Two ruined workouts, although I suppose really just two much more intense and shorter workouts than I intended.

I think I will go longer and a bit slower some of the time, though. The "honking of ammonia" situation has gone from "remarked upon" to "ridiculous".
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