Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Glorious Groundie, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Does anybody know what or where the link for SCOC is now on Dii, I have tried searching for it and my (really) old favourite link does not work anymore.

  2. Thank you very much. Will try it tomorrow
  3. I was told SCOC work 24/7, well one person apparently does!
  4. With the DII Access run time library, if you open it and get a database error then its because there are 2 versions of the runtimes. You would need to download the database, right click it, choose 'open with' and browse to the newer runtime.

    Failing that - contrary to popular belief you can have full MS Access on DII.
    It is for support of legacy databases - not for the creation of your own new systems
    All you need to do is convince your AD you need it
  5. Thanks for that, my AD will support it. Several of us use(d) SCOC daily as part of an LVP process. Not having it has been a loss. Need educating on what a 'runtime' is though...Java?
  6. Not Java.

    A runtime for Access is a mini version of Access that lets a programmer design a database application using full MS Access, and then distribute it to their customers without the customer having to buy MS Access.

    There are also some limits in the runtime. The user cannot get into the data tables, make their on queries or modify the database - because they are treated as an end user, they can only use the database via a menu and the facilites left by the programmer.

    You could use the database with just the runtimes, but personaly I would recommend anyone making much use of it to have full MS Access. This lets you bypass the menu and get straight into the data which will probably speed it up for a heavy user.

    MS Access is a 'free' application on DII, but it will be bound to your user and your terminal. If you hot desk or have a lot of users then its not so helpful. People might not like the idea of everyone having full Access, but if its important for your branch then the need can be justified.
  7. It won't be a problem, I'm sure.
  8. As an update:

    When in DII if you have an Access database there are two standard options for the RunTime library.
    If the database icon is a yellow/gold key then that is the older version
    If its a purple key then its the newer one

    Most databases will require the newer version so to change your default:
    Right click your database
    Choose 'Open with'
    It may be listed already, in which case just choose the correct version and tick 'Always use ......'
    If not click 'Browse'
    Then go through:
    'My computer' (Which will actually be shown as your terminals number)
    Program files \ Microsoft Office \ Office 11 (It should be in Office 11, but bear in mind I've had full Access, so you may need to look around the MSOffice folders)
    Double click MSACCESS.EXE
    Tick 'always use...'

    If you require full MS Access and have requested it via your Authorised Demander it will come up in your 'Radia' and you can then install
    This 'should' become the default, if not then its as above

    Note DII will support you only for making sure the Access runtimes and application work. They won't support a database you have
  9. SCOC exsisted last year as i remember using to look up NSN's (it was up to date as it had MTP PCS NSN's on it.

    This new spreadsheet system is just crap and complicated compared to the old SCOC.

    As for what you guys are on about MS Acsses i have no idea what you 2 are on about!