SCLM parts 2 & 3

did i have one too many egg nogs and not wake up till apr 1 2010? or is this a wah.... the answer to this is too obvious... either you need to expand your question or try harder... :)
Rubberduck said:
Am i right to think that if ive done part 1 I am sub. I only need to do the other parts if im interested in further promotion?
Yes to the sub part, this was brought in to prevent mix ups under the old system.

However, you are required to complete the part 2 within six months and the part 3 within 12. If you don't, MCM Div will view this as you not driving yourself forward and could find yourself being demoted, as what happened to a number of RLC JNCOs last year.
I thought it just ment i could not go any further in rank ive been sub for 2 yrs and Mcm div havent been interested in me untill they got my SJAR. All of a sudden there telling me that its my fault, ive done my job and more but im not interested in promotion any more and the back stabbing that comes with it.
I had heard that some Jnco's had been demoted but I also thought that was because they had not done the mpca or part 1 within the alloted time given


RLC MCM is the worst run div ever, One of the desk officers there is a complete cnut, if you upset him thats it as he is a vindictive bastard will deliberately screw you over. Promotion and posting he will stitch you up. He even tried very hard to get downgraded but motivated soldiers kicked out the service. I hope some Brigadier is reading this as this idiiot from MCM needs sacking. However closed ranks, losing files misplacing file is his raison de etre.

He has screwed up several of my soldiers careers.

My advice is get a witness to any meetings, keep copies of all reports, letters, PPP, PID/LSN documentation as this moron at DIV will lose them, put them at the bottom of the pile. Even more extreme get a solicitor onboard ASAP.

The service is not exempt Crown or Civil Law, though they act that way.
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