I completed my SCLM in 05 and undertook the CMI Level 3 Certificate in Management extra work.

I duly completed the Learndirect modules and thought that was that.

I totally forgot about the thing (being busy and such) until recently. I contacted the AEC to enquire about the whereabouts of my certificates and they informed me that I had to complete one more module - Finance for Managers - and I would get my qual.

I have completed that and have now been told that I have ANOTHER one to do - CM37 Developing People and Planning Work. I should have received a completion pack (which I now have) that would have detailed the extra work when I completed my CLM but I never did (AEC at fault).

I have looked at this module and I am a bit stuck. Can anyone who has done it offer any help or guidance with it? I understand the outline requirements but it is the structure of the report that I am not sure on.
It's not that difficult really. I was in the same situation as you, I did mine in 2005 and finally got round to doing it in January this year. Once you've done the on line modules you have an essay to do which takes about an hour. I will dig out the essay and e-mail it to you if you pm me your e-mail address. Hope this helps.
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