Scimitar, Scorpian sight picture.

1. Goto your Trg Wg and use one of the massive A0 posters.

2. Call ATDU at Bovongton and ask them.

3. Look through a Scimitar sight and draw what you see.

Scorpion was taken out of service a while ago (and yes, I know all about Sabre etc etc).

Bear in mind that ESPIRE, BGTI and PBISA will change the sight picture. :D
I was in 2RTR for ten years.

Whatever you think of RTR, kindly keep in your pea-sized brain.

As to why I am requesting what I requested is not your concern.

Grow up and leave me the fcuk alone.
Although the Scimitar OFCE has been changed recently to ESPIRE, the ballistic graticule pattern has not changed from that which is present in the SPAV 52 and 75 (the ammo and cannon remain the same).

The graticule is illustrated in AESP 5855 D 110 (ESPIRE) , EMER Inst S300/52 or EMER Inst S300/75 which can be obtained from any REME LAD attached to a Regiment equipped with CVR(T) Scimitar/Sabre OR you nearest REME Battalion.

The ballistic graticule used in the now obsolete Scorpion is completely different as the ballistic characterists of 76mm is completely different to that of 30 mm. When Scorpion chassis where fitted with CVR(W) Fox Turrets, also 30 mm cannon) they were redesignated Sabre.

Hope this is of use


Flame time. Thales are a french shower of sh*t. They were a principal cotractor to my company when I was senior Quality control engineer at HQ. They didnt give a toss if the kit they were shipping was broken in bits in the box as long as they had the right paper work. I was shocked & it took 18 months of embarrassing them into action and quaranteening thier stock prior to shipping to get any improvement. They sub contracted evetything and applied no quality control to the subbies. I thought then thank f*CK I'm not a squaddie anymore having to use crap like they produce if this is how they behave on a sensitive transport safety critical project pure big business arrogance.

Sue me I kept the evidence.
Ugly, I agree totally..and to make matters more distressing they have so many fingers in the UK defence pie...wait til the 2 Super Carriers go over budget....or fall apart at sea

French...barstewards the lot of em!


It was bad enough that they were trying to flog a radio system to UK and when the Canadian were awarded it they sent a letter to all staff asking for them to write to their mps and complain that the work was going out of Britain and the Reading plant would close. They were closing the Reading plant anyway and the Canadians opened a factory in Hastings to make the kit. So money to a french company whos own army gets the strop and wont buy the same or compatible kit or buy from a canadian company with a british factory which means there is a chance that if the kit works the Canadians will look at it! Hard choice there. Damn frogs had closed most of the uk plants and the Naval comms kit was being tailor made ie you pay more for spares. Robbing frogs.
ugly said:
... opened a factory in Hastings to make the kit. So money to a french company ....
Would that be up near th Observer office (off Battle Road) ?. Verrrry strange reaction when I was teaching a young civvie Drum Major using their mirrored windows one evening.....

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