Scimitar fast persuit tank.....


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PE4rocks said:
TheBigUn said:
Brigadier Mark van der Lande, Head of MOD Public Relations, said:

"We have advised on the development of the range in order to produce a range that is realistic, accurate etc etc...................."

or not :wink:
The brigadier is clearly well suited to PR... :roll:
Thats great because he was a pain in the arrse as a Sqn Leader. :D


You need a decent size barrel to wedge bangers down come November.

What the good Brigadier was referring to is the fact that the front decks of the toy are only held on by roughly 50% of the fastenings, and the heads of those bolts that are used are of different sizes.
very realistic, leaking hubs, headlights on wrong, just wack some oil drums on the back and its an OPFOR wagon.

Even has a BATUS CASREP number


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Why it wearing old style yank BDU camouflage
All they need now is to put 2 ton of kit on it now and it will become realistic "formerly known as fast pursuit tank"
Does it come with a rake of spares and a spare tank to tow it home? :D

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