scimitar against iraqi battle tanks

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ohbugger2007, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. rite i need sum info on this...i heard a scimitar took on 2 t-80 battle tanks and a troop carrier and came out without a scratch. Although i know the rarden is pretty powerful but !!2 t-80s!! crazy.
  2. This was at the start of the iraq war me thinks.
  3. When you where 5 or 6?
  4. i heard about it the other day by TV u have to believe TV
  5. Hmmm, perhaps you ought to find out a wee bit more about this 'ohbugger', finish your GCSEs and then come back.

    All the best,

  6. And on looking at your profile, drop the paintball and airsoft from your name, if not your life. It wont exactly endear you to the chaps on here. And start writing properly, and asking sensible questions, or else you'll just get booed off the site. Unless you're chimpy ;)
  7. No the lad needs to know, yes a scimitar did take out 2 T-80s and a troop carrier, but sustained critical paint flaking, which required battlefield respraying.

    The commander of the scimitar, Cpl pig-eye Muldoon, became a legend in our Reg for his spot on contact report of Contact...two fecking T-80s. wait out, then the immortal words 'bugger ive lost my bridge weight sign'.

    He actually managed to take out the 2 T-80s by threading a clip of 30mm down the barrel of one, and as the turret exploded it whizzed round taking the other turret off (a scene he called Dalek Dancing) the Troop carrier was easy, as he just kept banging the vehicle with a spade, the noise caused the crew to sustain ruptured eardrums, but however the TV didnt report this epic battle correctly (damn press)
  8. Cracking fight!

    My apologies to 'ohbugger2007', but my advice about paintball, airsoft and spelling/grammer still stand, or lest the wrath of MDN be upon you.
  9. That'll be a negative, there is no way a Scimitar would take out 2 x T80's. For a start no CVR(T) commander worth his salt is even going to try to take on an MBT, that's suicide.

    Oh and I agree about taking airsoft etc off your profile and I'd keep quiet about it at basic too unless you want the p*ss ripped...
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    LCoH Mick Flynn is your man

    1 report here
    The commander of a Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle of D Squadron of the Household Cavalry Regiment, LCoH Flynn was involved in several notable actions against enemy heavy armour. In particular, he located an enemy tank battalion and supporting artillery. Despite coming under heavy Iraqi fire, he called in artillery and air support with devastating accuracy which destroyed the enemy units as effective combat formations.

    2nd Report (From the report on Tpr Finney and the A 10 Freindly fire incedent)
    An Iraqi tank threatening the evacuation of the wounded was held off by
    LCoH Mick Flynn in another Scimitar and CoH Dave Telling in a Striker. For 30 minutes,LCoH Flynn drew both tank and artillery fire while himself firing 140 30mm rounds. Days later, he was in a four-hour battle with five T55s.LCoH Flynn receives the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

  11. Objective Lead, GW1, B Squadron 16/5th QRL engaged enemy tanks. A scimitar from A squadron 16/5th QRL engaged and destroyed a T62, though took 10 clips.

    Both Squadrons attacked numerous Iraqi T59 and T62s, with only one scimitar damaged by return fire.
  12. I take it back and am deeply humbled.

    Very impressive stuff and cleary LCoH Flynn is indeed a commander worth his salt, i apologise...
  13. BIFF,
    the damage was the BV blowing up...
    They were aout to have "lunch" when the nasty tanks came over the hill..
    30 mins later boom ... hot water and chicken extreme all over the turret

    and the commander poohed his pants...
  14. Sid, ahah then Pig-Eyes exploits were exagerrated then, maybe thats why he rode back to camp dragging the charred T-80s, sitting in the rear bin
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ... but it was hard to tell with all that Chicken Extreme splashed around the turret.