Scientists reveal plan to put another dent in Mars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Have you ever thought of leaving the project Professor Pillinger? It might well attract the funding and minds it needs then

    Now call me old fashioned but.. :roll:
  2. Oh well, more funds that could open 15 hospitals will once again cause another crater in mars :roll:
  3. Oh come on D-L, What has the space race ever done for us? Velcro, lithium-ion battery packs, titainium, hospital beds that dont have pressure points etc without the development of these and many other products our lives would be harder.
  4. If it has a benefit, then yes! I think it would be money well spent. However, another bloody rover to go where countless others have gone before and the possibility it may go splat too.......that's what makes me think it's all a waste of money :?
  5. What's the martian for 'Do Not Litter'? Those little green men must be mighty pee'd off with the amount of shite we keep sending.
  6. You have a point
  7. cant we send some chavs up instead? - who cares if the expedition fails.

  8. Paint the probe in Burberry Check and stick alloys on it!
  9. hahahaha, yeah, with over reclined seats!
  10. Put a couple of Dole giros in and you'll have the thing full of chavs :twisted:
  11. I imagine the English of the 16th century were saying that about sending ships to America and India....

    20 million UKP would keep a hospital going for a few months, or a light role battalion going for a year.
  12. If the Government had been prepared to provide decent funding in the first place (and the Eurocrats had been less petty) then they wouldn't have to try again.

    Actually that sounds like a good definition of most things in ths wretched country. :roll: