Scientists Identify Tight Window to Visit Uranus

The approach of a rare cosmic alignment could cut down travel time to Uranus and Neptune. Will scientists be able to meet the deadline?

Uranus and Neptune are the least explored planets in the solar system, having only ever been visited briefly by NASA’s Voyager 2 flyby in the 1980s. But that may change due to the approach of a rare cosmic alignment that is encouraging scientists to send probes back to these lonely gas giants in the outer solar system.
So should we sent a probe to Uranus?, or would it be money just shoveled down the hoop
fnarr fnarr...
I misread that as Tight Widow. I'm a bit disappointed now! :-D


Could be throwing money in to a black hole.

I say go for it, who knows what we could find probing Uranus.
trust you to bring perversion into it.
No need to give Lokiuk the bums rush though, he is pretty anaI about these things.
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Sounds too much of an uphill gardening task to me.


Remember if you get accused of using a telescope to spy on people showering and changing, it might be best not to say "I was hoping to see Uranus".

American readers need to remember not to say they were looking for Uranus, but accidentally saw "your fanny".

Hope this helps.


I haven’t seen Uranus at all. Arrse membership doesn’t include Skype.

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