Scientists explain 'beer goggles'

No such it seems.

".......a fluke of nature sees alcohol closing down the section of the mind that stops us acting on impulse long before it deadens the 'reptilian' part responsible for our sexual urges."

Scientists explain 'beer goggles' - Telegraph

This is a crushing blow.

Somehow "it was the reptile in me" does not have the same level of comfort as the now mythical Beer Goggles
Beer has been responsible for me sleeping with a few reptiles in my time. In fact if I ever sober up I might find I'm married to one.
"it was the reptile in me"

If that is the line your lawyer is taking,it's time to get a new lawyer
Why? Are you intimating that there are lawyers who aren't reptiles? ... oh, I see, that's the line of defence the lawyer is putting forward on your behalf not an explanation of his behaviour! Possibly not a great problem as you've now got Science on your side.
That's a rather unfortunate photograph in the article. Or are you supposed to re-read it after a drink to prove the point?
I thought that it was the part of my mind that after 12 cans of Special Brew, even Chubsters look pretty, and want to be taken home, cuddled, and lusted over and all that jazz.......???? or was that just me Meds.... and even Matron and Nurse Olga look good in their Nurses outfits.......

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