Scientists develop 'dry water'


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"Hopefully, we may see dry water making waves in the future."????? Cheesy quote of the week

Cmon, surely someone must think that all you need to do to recognise this is...just add water...?

I'm off.
Er, its called sublimation (taking an element from solid to gas form without it going into liquid form).

Obviously, you want it to stay solid as long as you can.

Either that or I should have paid more attention in Science.
Er, I was taking the piss (there being no water left here to go with my whisky).
I don't mind them messing around with water as long as they don't start doing this with scotch
All the drinking terminology will have to change. No longer will one be able to get 'sloshed'.

"He canna hold his solid"

"Just a wee teaspoon for the road?"

"Two tablespoons and she's anybody's"

"Shock Horror as MP caught snorting a line of brandy"
First we had heavy water, then came light water, I suppose it was enevitable that dry water would be invented. Still sounds like an April 1st joke.

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