Scientist discover "Fat Gene"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wessex_warrior, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. clicky

    This is just the excuse all the bloody salad dodger Faye Turney lookalikes have been praying for. Every chunky pie-munching twat will grab that excuse with all ten pudgy little fingers.
  2. It's not the genes, it's the pies. Bunch of lardarse wasters.

    Stop scoffing, get running (even walking would do you fat cnuts)
  3. The former WRAC did a long term study into fatness a few years back. They discovered that if they sat on thier arrses for long enough, they developed 'H.A.S.' as it was known amongst the WRAC Provost, or 'Hogs Ass Syndrome' to give it its full scientific title. This necessitated the QMs to order wide fittings and the MT to fit large bench seats in the front of RMP patrol cars.
  4. This is very old news, Mr Kippling found that gene a long time ago.
  5. i thought it was glandular. LOL so does this gene make you shove sticky buns down your grid.
  6. If you listen carefully, you can hear the last shred of personal responsibility disappear over the horizon with it's arrse on fire.

    If obesity was genetic, how come it's only become a problem in the last 15-20 years or so. Why weren't there loads of lardos wobbling around in Elizabethan times? What happened? Did someone stick a Mars Bar under their pillow for the Chromosome Fairy?

    Fat c*nts are fat because they're lazy and greedy. If you don't want to be fat, it's simple - eat less and move around more.
  7. LordVonHarley is right, old news, its always been genetic, glandular, hormonal etc etc ad nauseum. What these 'land whales' have failed to realise is that huge quantities of Ginsters and MaccyD's have a fair amount to do with it too. It's dead simple, to lose weight burn up more calories than you shovel in! A few 20 mile runs would sort them out! :D
  8. If you have the gene it means you will carry about and extra 7lbs, or half a stone, more than someone who doesn't have it. With a decent diet and some exersize this shouldn't be a problem.

    Being 5 feet 5 and 20 stone is not genetic, and all the fatties are going to sy it is. Carrots you are right, there is no longer any need to take responsability for our actions.

    Fatty "Its not my fault, its genetic."
    Me "What do they proscribe for it, cake?"
  9. I thought 'Fat Gene' was the chief inspector in 'Life On Mars'.
  10. The first law of thermodynamics indicates that The increase in the internal energy of a thermodynamic system is equal to the amount of heat energy added to the system minus the work done by the system on the surroundings.

    In this case the heat energy is developed from the food we eat, the work donne by the system is a combination of physical movement and the metabolic processes required to stop us from being dead.

    Unless you are in a coma you have COMPLETE control over 2 out of 3 of these variables, the "Fat Gene" can only effect the efficiency of the metabolic processes.

    Or, in plain English: Fat gene or no fat gene, if you run off more calories than you shove down your grid then you'll get thinner. No excuses.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Someone must have dumped a skip load of those genes in Tescos Andover.....
  12. *Rant mode on*

    Brilliant, give the fat fcukers another excuse. There was a bloke on BBC News this morning who was fcuking massive, his moobs were bigger than the future mrs Bat-Crab's t1ts (and that's saying something). Apparently he 'eats healthily and goes to the gym.' so it must be he genotype that's responsible. Either that or he's been smuggling butter in his spare time :roll:

    Regardless of genetics if you eat properly and get off your ass then you you'll be at less risk from Japanese whalers and you might enjoy yourself a bit more. I really am fed up to the back teeth with fat, miserable wasters complaining about how bad their life is; do more, eat less - it isn't rocket science.

    Having a BMI of 30 odd is not genetic, it's lazy and you should be denied access to the NHS or any state benefits until you can prove that you're prepared to put the effort in yourself. Why should my money be invested in someone that isn't prepared to invest any effort in themselves?

  13. BMI counts for sweet Fuck all. Even the doctor who came up with it admitted that it is a very poor indicator. It's % body fat that is really worth looking at, or waist to hip ratio. I know plenty of very fit people with high BMI's, just means they're built like a brick sh1thouse.

  14. You forgot to remove the sport abled type who damage themselves trying to look good along with the habitual smokers and drinkers.

    Which lot do you belong to?
  15. I'd love to believe in a fat gene - however, it just doesn't really work does it ? - or I wouldn't have lost 2 1/2 stone - even the hard way would I? And getting your massive stomach stapled still doesn't mean that people lose it any quicker if they don't do any more exercise either! There IS only one way to lose weight - doing the opposite of what made you a lard arse in the first place - sad but true!